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4 yrs after giving birth and i still look preg.
sheshowsoff posted:
Please i need help, I gave birth to a beautiful little girl four years ago and I still look like i am pregnant. I have done water exercises, jogging, ab lounges, videos, diets, etc. but the weight never goes anywhere. im starting to think its medical. This stomach is heavy and i have other symptons after my pregnancy. Please say someone has been through this and overcome it. Im exhausted from this weight making me exhausted.
KMILLER2130 responded:
I know the feeling. My little girl is now 3 and I still struggle with the tummy. I have lost 22 pounds and still have 15 more to go to my goal. I always had a bit of a pooch in my belly even before getting pregnant so that was always fun to deal with. I even had a small one when I was 110 pounds before. I will always have a small one no matter what but I can minimize the size of it. I count calories and exercise. For a good idea on an amount of calories you should consume in a day I recomend going to There is a calorie caluculator that you can you there. Exercise is something you may have to think about what you can do on your own. My program includes walking, aerobics, weights, pilates, and crunches w/ other ab exercises. I don't do them all everyday, but I do have one day per week that they all do overlap. I try to write out my work-out plan for a week or two at a time. I make adjustments where needed of course. Good luck to you. Hope to see you here more.
007million replied to KMILLER2130's response:
Hi ladies,

Exercise alone won't shift it. What you eat will. Don't worry about your weight, just focus on how you look and how comfortable you become with that over time.

Measure yourself and follow that rather than getting hung up on the scales, because your weight doesn't really matter. The scales weigh all of you, not just what you want o get rid of, the tape is a better guide. Scales / weight is just a rough guide.

If you want to lose bodyfat and do it without eating like a rabbit and get some advice not funded by the diet industry then go to this link. It's a group page I created to get knowledge out there, and some of it will surprise you.!/groups/157497174306690/

I was big once, and done everything you're doing. I'm not big anymore and I've helped others lose too. You can't live your life through a calorie counter, but you can make some changes to your way of eating, and they will help you.

My knowledge is based on failed things that went before, a long time in weight training, and understanding how the body processes food and what it does. I keep it simple and anyone is welcome to ask questions or post.

I take photos of what I make and put them up for anyone to see. I also put in helpful links and generally just try to give people a different perspective about food.
shantimr responded:
I also had this issue.My daughter just turned 5 and i finally am feeling better and getting results from my efforts.You may want to look into hypothyroidism. Theres a website you may want to check out. Stopthethyroidmaddness. Its has alot of information. For years doctors would tell me i was fat and need to lose weight and that my health was just fine. Yet i was dieting and working out like crazy at home and living with all these symptoms i had never experienced. I finally began to look to natropathic medicine. I found a N.D who knew just the answer. Although my blood work shows up as normal as soon as i take thyroid supplements along with adrenals pretty much all my symptoms go away. After years of looking pregnant and feeling sick i can say i am about 90% back to myself! Good Luck i hope you find answers soon!
Madapples411 replied to 007million's response:
Checked out the FB site. You're right. There's great stuff on there! Thank you so much!
marli50 replied to 007million's response:
I tried to check out this information you suggested but was not able to get into the site
ShantellNelson responded:
OMG!, You have no idea how much your posted sounds as if I wrote it myself. I had my twin 3yrs ago and my lower belley just seems to sag lower and lower every day. I to have did the treadmil,watched portions,wrap myself in all types of wrap. I wish so bad that I had the time and money for plastic surgery. I very uncofortable in my body 5'4/260lb.

An_239543 responded:
It may not be a matter of weight or exercise at all, but rather herniated abdominal muscles. With each of my three pregnancies I gained and lost 50 pounds. (I also had three C-sections.) My lower abdomen sagged so badly that no amount of dieting or exercise could improve my appearance. I wound up having abdominoplasty.
finder6791 responded:
I'm going through the same thing. I was wondering if you have or had the mirena iud. one of the many side effects is wieght gain and looking (and feeling) like you're pregnant. I breastfed for three years and I look like I just gave birth. I think you should talk to your doctor and get some bloodtests done to see if there's a medical reason (go to the health dept. if you don't have insurance). if you do have mirena i would recommend getting it removed asap.
Lynn4shay responded:
I went through the same thing and for whatever reason having my daughter (6 1/2 years ago) triggered lactose intolerance as well as gluten intolerance and hypothyroidism (my labs always came back within range but finally after 5 years one Dr. finally figured it out). I was always skinny before I got pregnant but after I had her my weight just kept going up regardless of exercise or watching my diet. I trained for several marathons and didn't drop a single pound. I experienced LOTS of symptoms but it wasn't until I changed all three of those elements (and started taking thyroid medicine) that I found some relief. I hope you find yours!
MySuccessfulDiet responded:
Hi folks,
Like many of you I have struggled with losing weight after having my kids. I did lose some but never got back to where I was before my pregnancies. A few years later I was on prednisone for back issues which made me gain over 30 lbs!! And, I couldn't get rid of it. I tried everything from Weight Watchers to Nutrisystem, Atkins and many others with no success. Back in December of 2010 I saw a friend of mine and her husband and they looked great. They both had lost 30 lbs each. Of course I asked what they did and then researched it and talked to my doctor. My doctor told me to "go for it." She had heard good things about this diet and thought it was worth a shot. Well, I did and the first month I lost 21 lbs!! From January until May I had lost a total of 44 lbs!!! It was the Godsent that I had been praying for. Even my husband's doctor approved it and after seeing how successful I was, he decided to join me. After only 3 weeks, he had lost 20 lbs!! Here is the website to the diet. I am more than happy to answer any questions if you have any. Bottom line is that it is all homeopathic and IT WORKS!!!! This diet was the BEST thing that I could have ever done for myself. Check it out....
007million replied to Madapples411's response:
Thankyou If I can help just one person then I am happy I keep posting and researching as well, so if you joined the group thankyou!
007million replied to 007million's response:
Hi marli50 .. the group is open to everyone, I've checked the settings so you should be able to access the link. her eit si again just in case.

If you can't get to it, then look for iFood on facebook. There's a color pic of fruit which is the one you want. Just request to be added
There's been a flood of requests since I posted here!

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