how to lose belly fat/wfood only
Berries5 posted:
Does anyone know how to lose belly fat inside and out without stupid crunches and Vs, situps. Can you lose weight in the belly area with just foods. i really hate exercising other than walking. walking help me lose weight around 18lbs in my legs butt and thighs but left my belly so now i look like a walking turkey:) advice please!
Gary712 responded:
Give up wheat, grains, and corn syrup.
HalloweenPumpkin responded:
Green tea, and blueberries help the bellyfat go away.
kmiller2130 replied to HalloweenPumpkin's response:
I've heard that about green tea before (for belly fat). I wonder if it's also good for bloating during my monthly.
Tomato05 responded:
Cutting calories will make you lose fat overall, including your belly.
Berries5 responded:
Thanks guys for allyour imput! I already drink green tea and i pefer the tea bags like Yogi slimberry but as i seen the instant to go lipton green tea is just as worst as having a soda it hasnt help a lot other than reducing my soda cravings so i guess that is a plus but im going back to the old way of boiling and steeping.