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    New to the Group
    mializzim posted:
    Hi guys, I just joined the group today and thought I would introduce myselfâ?¦ I am a 27 year old, working mother of 2 daughtersâ?¦ After losing my divorce and losing my job to the IBM outsourcing division, I became very depressed and gave up on everything (except my kids). I felt like WTF, I worked so long and hard for everything and lost it all in a matter of months. Some people drown their sorrows in liquor or drugs, I lost myself in eating like crap and playing Facebook games. I am a manically depressed person and this has been "my way" of coping for two years, too long!!! I am tired of being sad about myself and drowning my troubles in a delicious bowl of rocky road ice cream, only to add another layer of chunky to my backside. I'd like to say my weight fluctuates like a yo-yo, I know the basics of how to lose weight and what my struggles are, I've done this before. One thing I have NEVER done before, however, is to reach out for support. This is what I hope to gain from this group. I want to address my weaknesses right now and ask if anyone can help me with tips on overcoming them. #1) I hate water, I actually cringe of the thought of drinking "plain old water"â?¦ I can start the day with a glass of water on my desk and by the end of the day it will STILL be there! #2) I get excited when I see serious weight loss results and fall back into an unhealthy lifestyle! #3) I hate excercising!
    KMILLER2130 responded:
    Hi there; welcome aboard. Glad to have you. In order to lose weight the safe and healthy way you will need to exercise - even though you hate it. Just find a program that works for you. Also you'll need to eat right. I count calories (to get an accurate calories per day for you, you can visit There are other food programs other than calorie counting though. You'll also need to learn to like water. If you can't stand the taste at first, try the sugar free flavor packets or add lemons or some other kind of fruit to your water. Water is very crucial in weight loss. Good luck to you.
    bshears10 responded:
    Think positive all the time and set goals
    Muffinsaregreat responded:
    Hey there! I am just like you. I don't even like the word exercise! I used to LOVE water growing up. And when the mood strikes I like it again, but only for a short period of time. I use the crystal light water flavors. Or, my children and I like the flavored waters they have at wal-mart. They really aren't that bad. I talked to a health nurse and dietian on the phone and they were VERY helpful. They told me that I am eating and losing the same amount of calories that my body needs. Without having to count or do anything other than my daily routines. They were able to know this because my weight isn't fluctuating. It is staying right where it is. Too high! They suggested just using a smaller plate at dinner. Or drinking a glass of water (flavored or not) while I'm cooking dinner. And my downfall is popcorn. I LOVE it. Much like you love Rocky Road. Its ok. Just don't eat it too late or in front of the tv on the couch. Than they said just to add a little bit more activities in the day. I have two young children, so I lift them up over my head a few times than usual. And throw the toy with them and the dog a few more times than usual. Really little things that will start to add up in a BIG way. Good luck. I know we all need it. Hope that this was helpful.
    NataliePM responded:
    Hello, I am also a mother of 2 daughters and I know first-hand how difficult it is to stay motivated on the healthy track. I tend to drink more water when there's ice and there's freshly sliced lemon, lime or oranges in it. It tastes better and it adds some extra vitamin C. I also crave ice-cream and try to add fresh fruit like bananas or strawberries when I can. They key is not to deprive yourself of it but to have a smaller portion (not the whole pint!) and add in fruit and nuts as fillers. I find that listening to some good MP3's while I work out really motivates me and makes the time fly by when exercising. Sometimes I even listen to some motivating ebooks that keep me walking longer or on the treadmill longer than I expected just so I can hear the last chapter. I'm also a yo-yo dieter, but when I go backwards, I ask myself two questions: 1) Do I want what's best for myself?...and the answer of course is YES! 2) Do I want to be a good example to my daughters and instill good habits in them?...and the answer of course is YES! Then I don't beat myself up and move on making better decisions the rest of the day. My new thing is committing to 10 minutes of exercise everyday in the morning and 10 minutes at night (we have it on demand on cable). It doesn't sound like it will do much, but then I find myself wanting to work out longer. The girls love exercising next to me (yoga, pilates, hip-hop dance aerobics) and it becomes a fun bonding activity with the girls. Hope this helps!
    ehain1940 replied to NataliePM's response:
    Greetings, I am 70 years old (hard to believe) and have had two knee replacements. At first they were great but now not so good. Also I suffer from acid reflux disease and usually wake up about two hours after I go to sleep with burning and coughing from the acid. I really think if I could lose 20 to 30 lbs both these situations would improve. My biggest problem with eating is eating something just a little while before I go to bed. I also like to eat out and do so at least 3 times a week for lunch. I really do know what I need to do it doing it that is the problem.
    grandma347 responded:
    I too HATE water. I'm tired of hearing from my friends "you'll learn to love it" etc. The only way I deal with it is to drink sparkling flavored water. Even that was a challenge because some have a bitter after taste. Albertson's & Safeway brands for me work. I also don't do lemon/lime in my water. Yuck & i'm allergic to them anyways.My doctor said to drink as much of anything sugarless as I could tolerate that is also low in sodium, try to stay somewhat clear of diet soda.
    I have severe asthma so exercising for me is a real challenge. I am steroid dependent so eating is all I want to do (they make you hungry ALL the time).I eat tons of NON starchy veggies. I have actually had great success in the past,but now I'm over 50 and results are slower. You have the advantage of age and a faster metabolism Go for it girl! Think of your health and your kids and a new life.
    One thing I had to do is to actually stop buying the things I liked to binge on so that they weren't even in the house to tempt me.
    I have a digital scale and I weigh and measure everthing and keep track of my'd be surprised just how much MORE you are eating than even you think. I still have days when I eat more than I'm supposed to, but not as many I also broke down and bought the bodymedia arm band. It is a huge help in seeing how many calories your burning vs eating(you must log your food honestly) It is worth checking out their web site to see if it will work for you. Its cheaper in the long run than joining Jenny Craig, Weight watcher's etc. I live on a fixed income, use my bodymedia arm band, pretty much eat a diabetic diet and my success is slower than most people but its still success.
    Good luck to you. You will love how you feel and look as you shrink out of your clothes. Your self esteem will increase and your young so your chances of success are better. You will be able to spend more quality time with your kids and lets face it, the world out there IS somewhat against heavier set people, so loosing weight will be better for getting a new job, your health (mentally and physically) and maybe build your self esteem up enough to find the right man for you and your children down the road when your ready.
    Head up ! You CAN DO IT!! Best of luck.
    Anon_59484 responded:
    I hate water also, but now that is ALL I drink.

    I buy Walmart's brand of flavored carbinated water.. the name brand is called CLEAR AMERICAN. They have at least 8 different flavors. I have tried several flavors and now all I buy is the Wild Cherry and the Golden Peach. It costs 68 cents for a bottle that is larger than a liter. There is ZERO CALORIES, ZREO EVERYTHING in this brand.

    I was addicted to Coke and when I became diabetic 8 months ago, I had to give that up. I tried every "diet" drink out there and thought they all sucked, and then I found the Walmart brand of Clear American flavored carbinated waters.

    After drinking only the carbinated water, my fix for Coke went away.. I believe it's because I needed somethng "carbinated" and Clear American did that for me.

    After quitting the Coke and starting the Clear American carbinated waters, in 2 months I lost 11 pounds.. and that was with NO excercising at all!

    I just had my A1C blood test today (for diabetics to see how their blood sugars are doing) and I was told I was at 5.4 which is the best news I've heard since I was told I was diabetic. That number is great!

    Start drinking flavored carbinated waters and get rid of any sugar in the house.. Walmart sells their brand of Splenda much cheaper.. I use it for baking, etc.

    Buy changing just a few of the things you eat, you can loose the weight, which will then make you fell so much better about yourself. Start buying others things like Danon Light and Fit yogurt. I buy the Orange Bliss which tastes just like an Orange Dreamcycle... it's sooooooo good! They are only 80 calories and 18 carbs. By me incorporating stuff like this into what I eat, that is how my blood sugar levels are now fantastic.

    Also try any of the MURRY brand of sugarless cookies! I can't say enough about them! The fudge sticks and shortbread cookies are fantastic and they are sugarless.

    I hope you do well... come back here often and let us know how your doing. We care! Sincerely.. Mary in Minnesota
    An_240571 replied to KMILLER2130's response:
    Thanks for the positive message. I would like to lose about 50 lbs in a safe and healthy way. Sick of trying every other diet/ supplement, and still not losing. Thanks,
    ladylawbugsp3 responded:
    Hi Mializzim, we have something in common, I also do not like water, it's just blah! I've learned a trick though to make me like water, and now consume nothing but water most of the time. Try mixing either fresh squeezed lemon or concentrated lemon juice in it. Or try squeezing a lime, or orange in it.. Anything for some flavor, I now love my water, and never, ever drink tea any more.. Hope this helps you as much as it has me. Get off the couch and move with your kids, they will help you become entergetic and that will help you gain muscle and lose weight. It's hard to lose weight for us women, muscle burns more fat so remember you gotta' turn that weight into muscle girl! You can do it, just get up and get moving. Lordly, I'm 51 and am never still. Good luck!
    mcaperton replied to An_240571's response:
    I can relate to so much of what you said - water is... well... bland but adding ingredients with questionable long-term effects into something that is supposed to be so purely good for your body seems, somehow, contradictory to me.

    I've actually had to train myself to drink enough water! Find some fruits you enjoy and add a slice to a glass of cold, filtered water - it looks pretty and it puts a refreshing spin on our tendency to think of drinking water as a chore.

    Have you thought about focusing on inches you would like to lose instead of pounds? I used to be caught up with reaching my "dream" weight until I realized what I really wanted was to be 36-24-36 (again) with 17" thighs! I'm 5'3" so I could weigh 105-120lbs and look fine but if I focus on the fact that I'm not 110, it would be pretty depressing. Your weight is a constant fluctuation so I don't make it the deciding factor.

    I would LIKE to lose 40 pounds but I would LOVE to lose 22 inches overall. What is your real goal?

    Exercise - yikes. I used to be a personal trainer and never, in a million years, thought I would ever have to worry about looking like my mother! Menopause sucks> It's a constant battle, but I'm not giving up - and neither should you!!! Just take baby steps. Focus on ONE positive action that will help you feel good about yourself today. Walking around the block with your girls? Taking a sip of cold water with a spritz of lemon? Asking your girls to help you find a healthy recipe that you can all make together?

    We can do this - it's not rocket science!!!
    mializzim responded:
    So as a follow up, I have found a few products that have I have fallen in love with and would like to share! Sugar-Free KoolAid is AMAZING"026 I only have tried the grape and the fruit punch flavors, but they are soooo yummy! It's all I make anymore and my kids actually prefer this to anything else, even Capri Sun or Kool Bursts. They do not have that "sugar free" taste either, they taste like regular KoolAid, OMG they are delicious and cheaper than Crystal Light! I also found these 90 calorie Orange Dreamsickle Ice Creams by NorthStar (I think)"026. LOVE THEM!!! When I feel like I want some junk, I pop one of these suckers in my mouth and I am 100% satisfied! My boyfriend is also on board with me and has been a great support, we are like two peas in a pod doing this whole weight loss thing together!!! He has found the 100 calorie Fudgesickles and loves them! He is one of these guys that loves anything labeled diet about as much as a punch in the face, and even he loves the sugar free kool aid! He has been smoking a lot of boneless/skinless chicken breasts for us and trying out different seasoning combinations and we have switched out all our bread and pasta to 100% Whole Wheat varieties! Since I am not a big breakfast or lunch person, it has been easy to introduce a protein shake as a meal replacement during the weekdays at work. I don't mind it at all and actually prefer the shakes to say a piece of toast or banana in the morning. I am also doing little things like parking in the back of the parking lot at work and at the stores. I am planning to put my treadmill up for barter on craigslist so I can get an elliptical, which I feel gives me a better workout in my problem areas.

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