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Question on calorie and protein intake
67501 posted:
I'm 42 years old and am 5'11" tall.

Tomorrow marks the end of week 13 of my exercise and weight loss journey. I've lost just over 2.5# per week, going from 255# on July 4th to 221# today. My goal is 200# by Christmas. 190# would be the ideal weight for my frame.

I consider myself very active, taking 10 or more classes -- yoga, spin, and weight lifting -- per week (12 classes this week -- 4 yoga, 4 spin, and 4 group power).

My plan is constantly being fine tuned.... found out my calorie and protein intake had been too low. Started Monday on a plan with calories in the 1800-2000 range (generally closer to 2000 and no worries if I go a bit over) and daily protein intake of 1 gram per pound of body weight.

My question is about my weekends. I work 30 hour weekends, so all my classes at the gym are on weekdays. Where should I set my calorie and protein intake? Today I will take in 1610 calories and 152 grams protein. Is that too low? Is doing so "yo-yoing"? I get in a 30 minute workout on Saturday (sometimes a 2.5 mile walk, too) and rest on Sundays. My job doesn't require much physical exertion.
Tomato05 responded:
Lowering your calories more on days that you don't exercise (or exercise very little) is a good idea, in my opinion. That way your weight loss won't stall on weekends/days of little or no exercise.

With 1600 calories you could get good nutrition if you eat healthy, nutrient-dense foods. It is definitely not a "dangerous" level.

If you experience a lot of hunger, fatigue, listlessness, inability to concentrate, irritability, headaches, etc. on the lower calorie days, you could maybe add a hundred or so and see if you feel better.

Many experts say 1 gram of protein per kg (2.2lb) of body weight is sufficient. If you train hard this could go up to 1.3g protein per kg, so 152g of protein is more than enough.
67501 replied to Tomato05's response:
Thank you! I really appreciate that. Still feeling my way through the process. I always have at least 2 kinds of fruit and 2 kinds of vegetables on hand to grab a low cal snack if I need to add something.

I've made the following items staples of my menu (can"t say "diet" as this is a long term change, not a short attempt to merely shed lbs) :

Eggs (for breakfast)
1 of Tuna, Salmon, Chicken breast or Turkey breast
Whey protein shakes (in diet cranberry juice -- 5 cal per 8 oz -- or 1% milk)
Water, water, water, water
Fresh fruit
Fresh vegetables
Low cal applesauce (with 1 tbsp each of bee pollen, wheat germ and flaxseed stirred in)
Fat free cottage cheese
Greek Yogurt

Other items are mixed in, but I have everything on that list daily.
Tomato05 replied to 67501's response:
Sounds very good and sensible!

Remember that nuts are an excellent source of protein and other nutrients (like vit.E) too; one just has to keep the portions small, like 1oz. They have healthy Omega 3 fat too.

Beans are great also for fiber, protein and healthy carbs.

I also love my green tea - so soothing, and full of health benefits.
67501 replied to Tomato05's response:
I definitely need to add some beans to the mix. Not a tea drinker, but I take green tea extract in pill form with breakfast and lunch.

I always keep stocked up on spicy almonds for a treat when the mood strikes me. I go with 14 nuts, half a serving size. Thank you again for the input.

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