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mlbhill posted:
Hi, I am new. I have participated in nutrition and exercise programs in the past, but I can never seem to find fun exercise. I find that ANY traditional exercise is mind-numbingly boring for me. I've done group classes, weight training, walking, etc and all I do the entire time is count the minutes or even seconds on the clock until I am done. I am very cerebral and physical tasks, especially repetitive ones, bore me to death. I remember being in a yoga class one day and watching the clock and almost screaming. Literally. I've even done Body Pump, a fast paced aerobic and weightlifting class to high energy music and a variety of moves. Now I am at Curves. question is this, does anyone know of some nontraditional ways to get exercise that do not seem like exercise? Any input is helpful. Thanks.
Tomato05 responded:
All I can say is that one can get used to it. The more you do it, the more you will adjust to the boredom.

Think of it as not everything that is good for you is exciting. I used to yawn constantly from boredom in church when I was small, but in hindsight it was a good thing that I was there - it instilled in me some good values! School classes were terribly boring too, but they were useful in educating me...

Maybe push yourself - if you do interval training, where you vary the speed/incline all the time between difficult and less difficult, time goes by quicker.

In fact, when you do any form of cardio (walking, jogging, cycling, elliptical, whatever) try to vary the pace and resistance all the time up and down, which helps too.

Or maybe you can engage your brain while exercising and plan things, do work-related things mentally, think up stories, be creative, memorise and recite quotes in your mind, anything that takes your interest!
cubbymommy responded:
How about martial arts. I am currently practicing Taekwondo and I call it fun exercise. It is to me ^__^
mlbhill replied to Tomato05's response:
Thanks for your input. The one thing I like about Curves is that you only spend about 30 seconds on a machine before you move to the next station. I still get bored, but since the routine is only 30 minutes I can push myself through. Maybe I will bring some brain teasers with me. That's a good idea! I have adeck of brain teasers cards. I'll bring those and try to solve the problems. I just need something to distract me from what I'm doing. I'm very diligent and disciplined in other aspects of my life, just not exercise. I do like soccer and did that for a while, but I became too winded. Maybe if I get in shape a little bit I can go back to soccer. Thanks again for the advice. I will pack my Mind Teasers cards in my workout bag.
mlbhill replied to cubbymommy's response:
I've always wanted to try martial arts. Maybe I will try that next after I lose some weight and develope endurance. Thanks for the suggestion.

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