Been sick
KMILLER2130 posted:
My family and I have all been sick for a over month now so we've not been able to work out. It's been a nasty virus that got us all down. i've been feeling a little better the last few days. Mostly still coughing though. I am hoping to feel better enough by next week that I can at least do some walking and some pilates. It sucks not being able to exercise and I've even gained back a few pounds. It's been difficult to eat what's good for me the last month too. I'm able to eat the good stuff again so maybe that will help. Please send good vibes our way. Thanks.
Jis4Judy responded:
Hi Kmiller
So sorry to hear you have been sick thats is the pits for sure
I hope all will be better for you and your family soon .
since I have been on my healthy journey I haven;t been sick at all for 8 years I do get a flu shot every year that might be the difference ..
get back on your healthy journey I am sure your boardies miss your input ...
I am lurking from next door the 50-100 board..
Hugs Judy:)
remember the gold isn't in the prize it is in the journey

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