whey protein powder???
amrcnracin posted:
just started using the chocolate 100% whey protein powder shake( i blend 1 scoop with low fat milk,1 banana,2tbsp p.b and flaxseed) to replace my breakfast meal which used to be kids cereal! my question is this...i heard that u should drink the protein powder shakes AFTER a wkout.Is this true or is it ok to use as a meal replacement? it seems like last year when i spoke to a trainer she wanted protein added to my diet so i would snack less and she said to use the protein powder.iam trying to lose weight by eating healthier and excersize. the shake does keep me fuller throughout the am and i like it as a meal replacement vs just "adding" it into my diet. thanks
Tomato05 responded:
Although it is good to take a bit of protein after a workout (any lean protein, not only protein shakes), I think it is all right to use the shakes as a meal replacement.

Just watch the calorie count, so that you don't end up consuming more calories than before.

For example, if you take the whey protein with milk, the milk will provide some carbohydrates (and a little fat), so you could omit the banana and peanut butter; or keep the banana and one spoon of PB (not two spoons) for a snack or meal for later. The flaxseed that you mix in will also provide healthy fat, so no need for 2 spoons of PB too.