Where to begin?
Chantal47 posted:
What diet plans are all of you following? Where do I look for a plan to start for my self?
abnersmom responded:
I focus on nutrition and exercise. I do not eat processed food and stay away from white carbs 90% of the time. I have increased the amount and types of vegetables that I consume as well. I eat a lean protein with every meal and stay at the recommended number of calories (1200) every day. On another board, a successful (9 years maintaining) memeber told me about fitday.com where she logs her food. It gives you a wonderful nutrition breakdown of what you are consuming. Hope this helps.
Debbie -SW 265 -CW 196 - GW 150
grgram responded:
Eat the right foods, fruits, veggies, lean protein and count calories, probably 1200 a day. That's what I'm doing and it's working beautifully. I've lost 26 pounds with 17 pounds to go. Some things that help me a lot are to never eat ANYTHING after dinner not even a grape. My protein is fish, (usually tuna), chicken, beans and yogurt. I make veggie soup, with onions, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, cabbage, green beans, celery and beans and/or black eyed peas. Eat whole grain bread and cereal. I make chili with either ground turkey or tofu. I freeze extra firm tofu which makes the tofu more like meat, thaw it, squeeze the water out, crumble it like ground turkey would be then make the chili. I put in a lot of beans. I have a fresh veggie salad every day and have plain non-fat yogurt and apples for snacks. Stay away from crazy, unhealthy diets and pills. Those of us with food/weight problems just have to learn how to eat right. Salad dressings are a problem for me because of the high calories. My favorites are Ken's Steak House fat free or lite dressings. Sweet Vidalia Onion and Raspberry Pecan are wonderful. I pour the dressing in a small container then dip my fork into the dressing with each bite; saves a lot of calories that way. Stay away from starchy vegetables like potatoes, parsnips and corn. I'm diabetic so I keep the carbs very low. Good luck, and post us on your progress.
kmiller2130 responded:
I work 3rd shift so it can get a little tricky. But I do try to at least make sure I am getting plenty of protein, fruits, veggies, grains. I try to exercise 4 to 5 days per week. I do allow for some sweets but I watch how much. I also try not to call it a diet because those tend not to stick. I call it a healthy lifestyle change because it is for life.
airius responded:
I'm starting Dr. Ian Smith's 4 Day Diet today. It's a book. It's pretty easy to follow if you are looking for something to guide you. All of the previous replies have good info in them also. They have a fitness and nutritional tracker on WebMD's site as well. Not sure how it compares to Fit Day's, though. Good luck!