Weight loss of 50+ Lbs with PCOS?
zoelaurendixon posted:
Hey, I'm 19. I'm 5"6' and I weigh 185. I've recently started exercising every day and changed my diet. I'm taking green tea capsules and currently doing a herbal colon cleanse. YET I feel sick. I feel bloated, my stomach hurts and I'm constipated. I want to get down to around 125 lbs. I used to be there, but since I moved to my fathers house, he eats a lot more and it's assisted with my weight gain. I have Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome and am currently taking birth control meds for it.

Any advise on the bloating, weight loss, constipation and pain? Or what you'd recommend? Thank you so much,
YolandaDexter responded:
Fiber, Fiber, Fiber. Get used to eating oatmeal in the morning will help a lot. Have you ever had prunes? No, they are not just for old people. They actually make a delicious snack.
LadyFighter56 replied to YolandaDexter's response:
Yes, I have been eating more fiber lately and I love oatmeal. I do have a bottle of prune juice that has never been opened, is it very good, I like plums and grapes. What does it taste like?
frielv replied to LadyFighter56's response:
Excuse me, please: what is "PCOS" ?? - Veronica