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Leslied613 posted:
Hi, I'm a 42 year ol divorced mother of 3 boys, aged 8, 12 & 23!. After years of my weight being up and down from not paying attention, I've decided it's time to put a little time into me. On January 5th 2012, I weighed 217 pounds, today I'm at 203.8. I don't mean to sound ungrateful for the loss, I just thought I'd be a little further by now. I've been trying to stay strick to a 1200 calorie diet. I purchased Jillian Michaels 30-day shred and have been doing it diligently. On some weekends I did Taebo. However, being a junk food junkie - there have been several meals I ate that weren't very healthy. I figured...who cares what I eat as long as I don't go over my 1200 calories. Is this true? Also, can someone tell me: Do I eat more calories than I burn or do I burn more calories than I eat?
Tomato05 responded:
I think 1200 is a good level, but only if you eat healthy food.

You would keep losing weight if you stuck to 1200 cal even if the food is not very healthy, but your body would be deprived of very important nutrients that it needs to function properly and protect you from disease.

A little bit of junk food here and there can be allowed, but overall you should eat nutrient-rich food like veg, fruit, lean protein, low fat dairy, legumes, healthy fats.

It's great that you are doing the Jillian Michaels exercises - keep it up. Congratulations on the loss also, you are getting close to being under the 200's.
abnersmom responded:
First of all, congrats on the weight loss and kudos for the exercise. I agree with Tomato. 1200 calories is an excellent goal, but if you change your mindset to this being a healthy journey rather than a "diet," you will concentrate more on the nutritional value of everything you consume. I use to log my food. It gives an excellent breakdown of all the nutrients you have consumed for the day. Keeps me on track to know that I'm eating healthy food everyday on this journey! Keep up the good work and best of luck to you.
Debbie -SW 265 -CW 187 - GW 150
jean4u replied to Tomato05's response:

Have to agree with Tomato about eating the junk food, a bit is o.k.. But I think your body will crave "real food" and that will lead to out of control eating. It was only when I started to eat regular meals and snacks with "real food" that I could control my eating and weight.

Wish you good luck!

3point14 responded:
When I started losing weight, I did the same thing it sounds like you're doing. I kept it to 1200 calories, but some days that just meant a really big lunch of McDonalds.

It's not ideal to lose weight this way because you don't replenish the nutrients you need. You also are more likely to go over your calorie budget, because a big unhealthy meal isn't going to give you good energy. It slows your metabolism to digest crappy food, and that's bad because not only does it effect that meal, but it effects how you digest every other meal you eat.

Crappy food, too, tends to mean slower weight loss for me because my body retains salt like craaaazy, so even though it's not "real" weight gain per se, my scale also doesn't budge.

You're going SO great!!! You've lost 13 lbs in two months AKA six and a half pounds a month AKA a little more than a pound a week...That's healthy! That's what most doctors reccommend for a good pace of weight loss. It's a great foundation for you to continue taking care of yourself!!

Keep up the excellent exercise! How so you feel about the Jillan Michaels DVD? Are they worth getting?

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