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IBS and weight loss
Kathy62357 posted:
I have IBS and need to lose at least 50lbs. Problem is there are SO many foods that I cannot eat because of the IBS that would really help me lose some weight. I crave sweets and carbs. I cannot eat fruit, and only a couple of different veggies, no pork or beef, no dairy, no eggs, no whole grain anything, nothing that has any real fiber. I try to exercise every day by riding a stationary bike and going for a short walk. I am on blood pressure and high cholesterol meds. Any ideas ????
totallywiggedout responded:
Did your doctor say YOU CAN'T eat from a list of foods or is it that you simply are choosing to avoid certain foods?
I only ask because , I have light IBS also and have found that the more processed foods, fatty/fried foods and artificial sweeteners I cut out of my daily intake, the less I suffer from any IBS.
Unless you have a true lactose intolerance, then small amounts daily of milk products shouldn't cause IBS on their own.
Same goes for fruits. Unless you have a true fructose intolerance, then ditto, work small amounts in of a fruit every day for a week, if you don't suffer, then add another type of fruit and work it for a week, till you get down to the ones that truly bring on symptoms.
Same for fresh veggies. I have found that now that I don't eat onions in stuff, I'm basicly home free. I used to think I couldn't eat apples, then I just started eating half of one a day and found that they werent causing my problems
Hot dogs, bologna, packaged smoked sausage, pork sausage, and sometimes regular bacon do me in, so I substitute turkey bacon and turkey sausage and I'm fine with it. I hate hotdogs and bologna most of the time anyhow so its not a problem for me. But If I had to eat it, I'd try turkey meat ones.
Yogurt is usually good for reducing gas, so I'm stumped by your avoidance of that..... unless you ARE medically lactose intolerant. If you are, try Almond SILK products. they don't have the estrogen stuff that soy products have in them so IMO are way better for you and the Original, is only 60 calories per cup with all the calcium you need.
Kathy62357 replied to totallywiggedout's response:
I have been suffering from IBS for 25 years now and have learned thru trial and error which foods I can and can't eat. My Dr. said for me to avoid foods that I have found to bother me, so that is what I do. I too avoid artificial sweeteners and fatty foods. I am lactose intolerant but I do occasionally eat yogurt which usually does not bother me. I have tried working in fruits and veggies but as I said thru trial and error I have learned which I absolutely can and cannot eat. I avoid processed meats like hot dogs and bacon but have tried turkey based meats and have a little better luck with those and enjoy them alot. I have also tried almond milk and cannot drink it. Thank you for your input.
lissmeanstrouble replied to Kathy62357's response:
Kathy, I was told I have IBS 2 years ago, and I have been really struggling in dealing with it, so I am interested to see what other responses you get!
I live alone and am always eating on the go is probably one of my biggest problems.
Its pretty hard to determine what triggers it that way.

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