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    Age 65 and can't lose weight!
    RetiredHuck65 posted:
    I've always weighed about 125 pounds. After age 50, I started to gain. I'm up to 170 pounds, and am having a horrible time losing any of it!

    My weight goes up and down day by day (up two pounds, down 1.7 pounds, up 1.8 pounds, down 2 pounds......) It varies so much, I'm never sure if I'm actually doing something right or if I'm gaining.....

    Medications (and older age!) are making it impossible to lose anything. Help!
    Tomato05 responded:
    It is definitely more difficult to lose as one gets older. I'm experiencing problems too.

    However, it is still fully possible. You have to compensate for a slower metabolism and declining muscle mass - by a lower level of calories, and weight training.

    If you were younger, you could maybe have lost weight while eating for example 1500 calories, but now you may have to stick to 1200 calories maximum.
    RetiredHuck65 replied to Tomato05's response:
    The WebMD site calculated calories for me of 1438 (using my age 65 and "sedentary"), I really think that's too high and 1200 is probably a better goal.

    At 1200 in the past, I haven't lost, but haven't gained any amount (over time). It's so hard to tell, because my weight fluctuates back & forth every day.....

    I'll need to add some weight training. What do you do?
    Tomato05 replied to RetiredHuck65's response:
    I think the best is to experiment with your calorie level. We are all individuals, with different body "factors" (metabolism, body composition, blood sugar, hormones, ability to absor nutrients, etc), and where one person may lose on a certain number of calories, another one of the same age, height and weight may not.

    You would have to pick a calorie level (e.g. 1200) and follow that for say three weeks and see what happens. One week may not be long enough for your body to adjust to the new level.

    Weight training is a very essential part of my exercise (and life!). It has made a huge difference in my strength, shape and general wellbeing.

    I do weights 3 times a week or so. I go to the gym and do a variety of exercises, covering all the main muscle groups - using a variety of equipment like dumbells, bars, machines, stability ball, etc.
    jis4judy responded:
    Hi retired
    I started my nutrition quest 9 years ago ,I was 61 when I started I also believed that it would be impossable to remove weight because of my age , so I started eating as healthy as I could just those changes helped me remove weight I was allready walking daily I spent about 5 years trying to walk off the extra pounds ..with no success it was my eating habits that was packing on the pounds ...So take a good look at your eating habits and stop buying the offending foods ...if it isn;t there you cannot eat it..
    I am 70 years young and achieved a 98 pound weight removale and I have been mainataining that for the last 9 years ..

    You can do this forget about the scale for now and focus on getting healthy foods in your menu..
    Hugs Judy:)
    remember the gold isn't in the prize it is in the journey

    sw247 crrent weight maintaining 149ish
    dennistessa921 responded:
    how did you do it

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