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Craving Fast food...........
KenziesMom12 posted:
OMG!!! I have been dieting for six weeks. I am craving everything fattening. I have been craving a cheeseburger. I am trying to stay strong. Lol. I have been taking my lunch to work and eating at home. I never eat out. I did one time and it was a SALAD from texas road house but I did have a margarita. But I am craving fast food. I told myself that once I have lost ten pounds I was going to reward myself with a meal from my favorite place CHICK FIL A!!! Thats terrible right??
3point14 responded:
Have you been losing weight by eating smaller portions of not healthy foods (like 100 calorie snack packs) or by eating large portions of healthy foods?

For the first part of my eating better, I would eat only small portions of crap. I still wanted the crap, my body was still the same, and really, I was losing weight but not improving my health at all.

Now, I eat larger portions of healthier foods. My skin has improved, my weight loss has intensified, and the bad food just is not appealing anymore.

The best advice I can give you is to stay strong, replace the bad with better versions of it, and if you do slip-up, keep your portions under control. You're losing weight to be thinner forever, and that's going to mean being able to maintain the loss. If part of your plan of maintenance is going to be the occasional bad food (like I'm sure it is for everyone), you're just going to have to learn to control how much you eat of it.

Best of luck!
KenziesMom12 replied to 3point14's response:
Oh wow!! That was some great advice. I really appreciate it. I have been definitely eating larger portions of healthy food.
totallywiggedout responded:
Hi KM12,
I myself am not a big salad eater. Never have been. I do like finger foods though so I tend to eat more sliced cukes, raw baby carrots, sliced green peppers and cauliflower then dip in a little hummus. Whatever really trips your trigger as long as you don't feel like you have deprived yourself in the process. Which, btw, it sounds like you may.
Before you go out to places like Texas Roadhouse, google their nutritional info for menu items. I'll tell you a secret, a lot of those "specialty salads" from those places have more fat,sodium and calories in them (with all the toppings and special dressings) that you could eat a small steak dinner and have made a far better choice for yourself.
What I'm saying is eat what you like, but , like most of us on the 50-100 diet comm site, we order our meal and ask for a to go box to be delivered WITH the meal. Before you even start, cut everything in half and box half to take home. That immediately gives you the feeling that , one, you are getting to eat what you want, and two , you are in CONTROL of how much you eat. No deprivation either way, its a win win situation.
You want a fast food cheese burger, ok, do really well for an ENTIRE week and get a single, reg sized burger. NOT a 1/4 pounder, just the regular cheeseburger. After all , it's not the SIZE you crave , it's the IDEA of the cheeseburger. So feed your craving but stay in control.
As for chik fil a, yeh I sympathicize. I like it too, and am a notorious Cains maniac. But a BIG caution here, google their nutritional info too. It'll blow your mind how many calories and how much sodium is there. Unless you order a couple of filets and plan on taking the time to peel off ALL of the fried coating, make this a special treat that you only do maybe twice a YEAR, yes, it's THAT bad!
Hope this helps. Stay strong.
KenziesMom12 replied to totallywiggedout's response:
Thank you, I really have learned that you can really eat anything you want, as long as you stay in the proportion size.
SW 245lbs CW 236lbs GW 200lbs.........And more ( Later).

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