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New - Goal of 30 lbs
PMTprincess posted:
Hey all, I'm PMTprincess.

I'm a graduate student that definitely spends too much time in the lab / in front of the computer and not enough time thinking about what I'm eating or if I'm exercising. I gained the freshman 15 and kept going... Hit a weight gain plateau of 200lbs for a solid 6 months, but recently I've started gaining weight again. I figured it's time to start taking this seriously.

I'm usually on campus for 10-11 hours a day, which means I eat a lot of junk food - obviously that's out now!!

I also have patellofemoral pain syndrome, or "runner's knee". I've been told I will have to live with this for the rest of my life, but losing weight will help lessen the pain. The problem is I can't do any kind of exercise that requires me to stress my knees (so running or doing any jumping motions are bad). I've tried swimming and walking, but I can't stick with it.

In short, the last time I felt comfortable with my weight I was in high school and 150 lbs. I'm aiming for 180, which means 30 pounds.

Any hints/tips/comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated. If anyone wants to be my weight loss buddy and keep me accountable, I'm up for that too!

Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself.
totallywiggedout responded:
Hi PMT, welcome.
for exercises , try some passive resistance types, like those using exer-bands , cheap at walmart.
try some of these

Actually ANY Tai Chi exercises move your body slow enough to help strengthen and tone , with the side benefit of burning some calories
As for the munching. Just try to make better choices. Plan ahead. Pack ziplocks of baby carrots, pb stuffed celery, low fat trail mixes that you make from Low sugar cereals, raisins and nuts, fresh fruit that won't get nasty in your backpack, like apples, pears, oranges, grapefruit
Try to cut out breads...or go to heart healthy low cal, low fat pitas(which are about 60 cal for a whole pita vs 70-90 cal or more per slice of reg breads) But if you pack your lunches, use romaine lettuce leaves to wrap your sandwich stuff in. Cuts a whole lot of calories and is really good for you.
Use fat free dressings mixed half n half with water to thin them without messing much with the taste.
Use fat free mayo or miracle whip
Go low fat or fat free whenever possible
Eat your eggs. Eggs have a whole lot of protein punch for only 72 calories per large egg. Yes they have fats but the benefit of the protein far outstrips the amount of real animal fat you get from the yolk.
Lean protein fills you up and digests slowly
Carbs like rice, breads, pastas break down into simple sugar... great for fast energy, but suck for filling longeivity.
Aim to feed your body mostly whole, raw, and made from scratch foods that you control EVERYTHING that goes into them.
Read labels, watch and eat the suggested serving sizes and don't go back for seconds.
Drink at least 64 oz of water a day and soon you will see the changes you desire.
good luck

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