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    Need to lose 30 pounds
    hannahj488 posted:
    Hi I will be 22 in 2 weeks and I would like to lose 30 pounds. I need some tips for younger females trying to lose weight. I never feel motivated to exercise and just recently I started eating better. I used to eat like crap which I am sure contributed to my weight gain. Also, I was on this medicine for several years which one of the side effects is weight gain (the average weight gain for people on it is 30 pounds.) I am finally slowly being weened off of it. I am looking to become more active but I am not sure what kinds of exercises are better for losing weight. Most of my fat is in my belly. I do like dancing and sometimes I use my wii for exercising. I am considering joining a gym but not sure I want to pay the $35 a month fee. But, if I will benefit from it and lose weight then I will join. I would like some advice and tips from people who have been successful at losing weight and keeping it off.
    urfaveflower replied to SpiderHiryu's response:
    AussieGrl28 responded:
    HI HannahJ. Ignore the idiot below. I've been battling weight my whole life (I'm mid 40's now). Two tips for you - firstly, don't sacrifice your whole life to stressing about your weight. I wish I hadn't. Don't let life pass you by while you're looking at yourself in shop windows and comparing yourself to other girls. Just stop eating most of the fried food, stop eating mounds of bread, pasta and rice, increase the vegies and fruits and relax about the weight. And as far as exercise goes, my advice is BodyPump - I'm not sure if they have it where you are, but it's SO enjoyable - it's an hour's exercise done so quickly and so fun that you won't even notice. You can do it like four - five times a week, it's not difficult and it will really make a difference in your shape. Good luck and hang in there!! You're probably already really beautiful - the trick is to feel that way, trust me! Relax about it.
    Biahaitome responded:
    Definitely listen to AussieGrl28 . She's right! Just a couple more tips. If you want to lose weight, try eating a gluten free, high protein diet. Look up "slow carb"
    dafamousone2003 responded:
    Same here. I just turned 23 and I'm overweight. I want to lose about 30 pounds but its so hard. I love sweets that's my biggest problem. Then on top of that I work 12 hours shifts so by the time i get home I'm too exhausted to work out. But we can do this!!! Thanks to AussieGirl28 for the advice because all of my life I've been stressing about my weight and it just seems to keep going up. I'm probably going to invest into a blender and a juicer you should too!
    1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on responded:

    Congrats on wanting to become healthier. The best piece of advice i could give you in regards to joining a gym, is to find a way to work it into your daily routine. By that i mean, find a gym thats close to work, that you'd practically drive by to get home. It sort of kicks in a bit of a guilt factorm but once you go for a month and it just becomes like clock work. When i was in college i had a hard time going to the gym consistantly...but now, as soon as i leave work its just part of my day. Plus its a great way to relieve stress. Or if your a morning person, work out earlier in the day before work.

    Lastly, keep up the healthy eatting, combine that with consistant exercise you should see results. If you need more pointers a lot of gyms will offer trainers or even a few free training sessions when you sign up too. Just remember slow and steady wins the race.

    Best of luck!

    chocolatecity77071 responded:
    I'm not sure if you are interested in this. I have started Weight Watchers and i have lost 9 pounds in 22 days. I love it and it is teaching me better eating habits. I have to drop 50 pounds to improve some health issues. At this rate ill reach my goal in no time. Also, i go to zumba. This class is so energetic and so much fun. It a 55 minute class and you get a great workout. I am drenched in sweat when i leave. Hope this helps and good luck!!!!
    An_250396 responded:
    Hi Hannah,

    Making the decision to lose the weight is the first big step. I would try to put together an exercise program that you can stick with.

    Don't get too wild starting out. I also find that intermediate fasting can be a very effective way to drop the pounds. In additional to cleaning up your diet, "when" you eat is important too. For example if you change your eating schedule to where you eat all of your meals within an 8 hour window, you will lose weight.

    Outside of the 8 hour window, consume nothing else but water. So breakfast, lunch and dinner all have to be eaten which 8 hours. Within 2 weeks, you'll start seeing the weight come off.

    This is certainly a change in lifestyle, but it does work to lose the weight and keep it off. Hope this helps.

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