doodlebug23 posted:
Hello everyone, I am a 30 y/o mom. I've got 2 wonderful daughters. I'm going to college full-time and working part-time. Well, I have hit my absolute max in weight, being 158lbs. I'm 5'5", and am going to be trying to widdle my way back down to my 125lbs, which is where I was about 2 years ago. So, any information is greatly appreciated. I hope to get back down to 125 by my 31st birthday, which is exactly 5 months away! Would love to be in touch with someone that we could provide support for each other on the endeavor of getting into better shape! Best of luck to all!
cmmo93 responded:
I would love to be your support buddy! Our goals are similar! I'm 5'5" and I weigh close to 155 and am looking to get to around 120 or 125! It would be great to hear from you and share any tips or plans! -Carol
wwwcheers2anewucom responded:
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