Help I need direction
An_251695 posted:
I am 57 y.o. female and have been diagnosed with IBS and Diverticulosus,(I had a diverticulosis attach a year ago and ended up in the hospital, I have been having a lot of pain and was tested and said that my diverticulosis is inflammed) I need to change my eating habits but I am not sure with both diagnosis' what is the right food for me. I am not good at calorie counting and reading labels but I will try. My doctor wants me to be on a low soluble fiber diet, what exactly is that??? Where can I go
HpsCleanse responded:
Hi An_251695... The Best advice I can offer you is to forget about dieting. They are each of them temporary solutions and do not address the root of the problem which is that your bodies balance is out of wack. If you really want to restore your former health and shape I would recommend a cleansing/fasting/juicing program. This WILL change your life. Please visit the HPS Cleanse website and get started. This is a Fat Burning 7-day Detoxification Program. You will also have access to our online web forum with other cleansers around the globe. Please e-mail us any questions you may have through the contact page.
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