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    Depression Helped Me Lose Weight...But....
    doggroomer posted:
    About 2 years ago I was going thru a real bad time.I got super depressed and lost 25lbs no problem.Well,its now 2 years present and Ive gained it all back and then some.I knew it wasnt a healthy weight loss at the time.I wasnt even trying to lose weight.Im 45 yrs old and losing it I know I can do.Its the keeping it off is where I have the trouble.This is the heaviest Ive been and im so disgusted with myself.I think about it all the time.I hate going out cause i dont wanna bump into an old friend or something.Cause I just know the 1st thing going thru there mind id damn she got phat.Im open to any suggestions.Thank you for listening...Anna
    Khristi responded:
    Anna, while eating as healthfully as you can let your body be your guide. Say you normally feel energetic on 1500calories per day and don't have time for an extra workout, cut 100 calories for a week and monitor yourself. If you feel fatigued add 50 back. If you feel good drop 50 each week til you have side effects or hit 1200/day. If you are @ 1200/day and energized you need to move more or cut caffeine. You want to feel calm, happy and energetic enough to live but hyperactivity indicates calories that need to be cut or burnt.
    doggroomer replied to Khristi's response:
    Thank You so much for responding.I do appreciate your input.And im gonna take your advice.One more question,if I could..I do not drink alot of water/enough water.And quite honestly I just dont care for it.But im getting use to grabbing a bottle of water insted of soda.My queston is.If I add some lemon to give it flavor?Is it still considered as good as water?Is there anything else I can add to water without hurting my water intake?
    Mandiduranie replied to doggroomer's response:
    Lemons, lime, a slice of orange, sliced strawberries, mint leaves, fresh pineapple or pretty much and kind of fruit, I have found if you make a large gallon and let it set a few hours in the refrigerator it is great. I usually replace any left overs after two days, but most of the time it is gone.
    doggroomer replied to Mandiduranie's response:
    wow that even sounds yummy.Thanks for the input..Anna
    wwwcheers2anewucom responded:
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