I've lost 20lbs! FINALLY!!
KayPeterson19 posted:
Well, I was in here a while back and no one ever seemed to reply to my post. I know I didn't very much support in this group but I feel like sharing! It's been four months and I know 20 lbs is not very much. But, I feel accomplished! I am ready to loose the next 20! I bought a treadmill 6 months back and it is starting to pay off!!
Gammymc responded:
Congratulations on the 20 lbs!!
That is indeed something to celebrate!
My goal is 40 lbs....starting TODAY!
ABelton responded:
Congrats!!! If you don't mind me asking, how did you do it. What was your diet like and how long did you exercise on the treadmill. I am trying to lose 35 lbs.
48lbstolose responded:
congratualtions! that's fantastic
airius responded:
Congrats! Keep it up!
beckikay responded:
Great Job!! You are doing fantastic! I have also been working on loosing and have only lost 7 since Jan 1, but I'll take credit for each one! I feel the same way about the reply's, but I'm guilty too of not interacting. Keep it up because you are doing something right with your treadmill . Becki
charlespearson replied to beckikay's response:
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