Lost 45lbs
An_254212 posted:
I lost 45lbs on the HCG Diet. I wasn't going to try this diet but I wasted money on other diets and didn't work, so I thought what the heck! It was not easy but I lost 45lbs in 50 days! 6 months later I am still keeping the weight off!
vivianmichaels responded:
3 months ago when i am in need of some good weight loss product, i have tried HCG also but sadly i have to say that it wont do any thing for me. i tried it as advised but no result.

after i tried some natural remedies like drinking warm water morning and night, this remedy works for me, and with this i have lost near about 10lbs.

you too can try this.
kj4321 replied to vivianmichaels's response:
So all I need to do is drink a glass of warm water in the morning & a glass of warm water when I wake up & I'll lose 10 lbs?
kim832 replied to kj4321's response:
Umm no! You need to also change your eating habits and exercise. There is no quick fix to weight loss. I have 2 friends that did HCG diet and guess what both put back all the weight they lost 1-2 years later. I myself am on my weight loss journey and have lost 13 lbs so far. I am going to the gym 5 days a week and doing this 28 day diet that Mohave you eating clean foods. Lean meats, veggies and fruit.
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