What diet are you on...??
cindigal posted:
With all the mentioned diets listed in this site, who doesn't get confused with them. When I read all the literature, I find that some are contradictory to others. I thought I doing the right thing, I cook chicken mostly, not fried. I don't buy red meat anymore. Buy those vegetables in the frozen section or raw veggies. I never eat deserts except for holidays, i eat whole grain bread, whole grain cereal and I drink skim milk.

One thing that I really want to cut down on alot of carbs, but I am a tight budget and there are diets mentioned that would put in a dent in my budget. For a long time I was getting those Ramen noodles, 10 at a time when shopping and use them for stir fry with chicken or veggies. I saw the labels that they have alot carbs. I use whole wheat pasta instead of plain, but i realize that whole wheat pasta have same amount carbs as Ramen. What kinds of carbs should I have being that I am leery at this point to cut most carbs..?? I put a new chopper recently and I want to get some raw vegetables; I love all root veggies; squash, turnips, carrots onions or whatever. I think they are better choice for carbs, aren't they..??

gloryjb62 responded:
a year ago I was diognosed with a criticle yeast/mold allergy. I had to go on a yeast free diet. I went from 265 lbs to 165 in aabout 6 months. Recently I lost my job due to a back injury and in the past 6 months I have put 30 pounds back on / I figured I have not excercised as I once did this has put me in my delema. I have recently started excersising again and hope for good results.
good luck