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What's a good cereal if your on low-carb diet
cindigal posted:
I love cereals and but majority of them alot of carbs. I look for low sugar cereal also, anything under 10 gm is good.. Oh, I also need cereal with high fiber (don't suggest All Bran...please). Anything else that has low carb and high fiber. I am asking the impossible probably. I am not a egg eater but I might re-think my breakfast since eggs are good source of protein. So, I use to have toast in the morning, whole wheat but all the studies I see everywhere say limit your bread. I sometime get the Special K with the berries when its on sale but its not a good source of fiber.

Also I reading about how some fruit are loaded with sugar, more than the others. I don't buy bananas anymore because anywhere on the web I am seeing the ads that say that bananas are loaded with sugar and starch. If I get fruit I can get just berries. Another thing they listed pineapple as a high sugar fruit. Who knew that fact.

fire567 responded:
hello, cindigal!
Well, Kay's Natural Proteins Cereal is probably one of my favorite cereal. It's great source of protein and fiber, and best of all, it is gluten free! The ingredients are all natural, and I used to eat these every day for breakfast.
bingorood responded:
hi cindigal,

wow. I just want to say how you loaded these two paragraphs with all the things that make us worry about out food! And how the 'media' keeps us neurotic about it by reporting contradicting 'facts' about different foods.

Have you ever read Michael Pollan's "In Defense of Food' book? I highly recommend it to you. In summary he states, 'Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.' and really if you can relax about eating, you might have a better time.

There is nothing better for you than whole foods. A banana. 'A' banana, not the whole bunch! A bowl of oatmeal. A bowl of yogurt with nuts and honey/maples syrup/rice syrup and some kind of berry or fruit! And that would be a CUP bowl, not a mixing bowl!

Cereal is problematic for 'dieters' or those trying to lose weight, simply because it is a breadish product and it has lots of calories, and you usually add calories to it by adding milk. I guess if you really love cereal, just have it two days a week. I do enjoy the Special K products but that is me.

Try eggs. Try bran. Give them more than one shot. You will get used to them. Limit the serving size. Limit the number of days you have it. You can live without cereal a few days a week, can't you?

Give it a try. And forget that crap you hear about this fruit and that fruit. If it is a WHOLE FOOD it is good for you. and here it comes... IN MODERATION.

Love yourself, you're worth it!

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