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healthyisbest posted:
I'm new to the forum, but I've got 50 pounds to lose, 30 of which I gained in the past year by not exercising enough and adding breakfast to my diet, but not cutting calories the rest of the day. Which is really sad for me because I went to a nutritionist, who told me to start eating breakfast, but I messed it up royally by not doing it correctly I guess. So now I'm here, ready to get this weight off. Can anyone help me by telling me how this forum works and what's helped lead you to success?
Thank you!
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40lbs responded:
I've recently joined myself, but welcome. I joined becuse I have no one around me interested in exercise and eating healthy, so I felt alone. But not any more because I've found this exchange and we can help each other. I started going to the fitness center where I live, at 7:30am that way I can burn calories early and can feel great all day. I walk the treadmil for 20 minutes at 3.5 to 3.8, and then I use the elipticle for 20 minutes. I feel great afterwards and in two week I've lost 1 pound. Thirty-nine to go.
Good Luck!!
Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
Welcome! Journaling what you eat-every bite, lick, taste and swallow is the best way to reach success. Keep an eye on those portion sizes-measure them out. Realize that most restaurant portions of foods contain more than a day of calories for most trying to lose weight.

This place works by providing a place to post your "dfj" or daily food journal if you want, supporting you and providing you with accountability. You can ask questions and provide others with support. Those who make an effort to post something each day do really well.
jean4vr responded:
HI Healthyisbest,

I had 30 to lose, I am down, now about 22.

I had to look at my eating habits. And my lack of exercise.

Louise was right about, journaling. You must be knowledeable about your food intake before you can identify what needs to be changed.

You CAN do it!!
newlifediva replied to 40lbs's response:
I like to lose some pounds before my daughter wedding . I am size 18 and I want to go size 8 what should I do
jean4vr replied to newlifediva's response:
When is daughter's wedding?

How tall are you?

Just how many pounds would you like to lose?