One step at a time..
jmayberry posted:
I keep the eye on the prize...
I am trying despertly to loose 1 lb a week not too much to ask..right???Well for me it's almost impossible I loose it one week and gain it back the next.
Now I hope I will have the prize in my sight until the 30 lbs. have been dropped.
Now; 187.6
My gold is: 160
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Tomato05 responded:
Good luck, believe in yourself.

I aim for not more than 1/2 lb a week, I can't even manage 1lb a week. Sometimes even 1/4lb a week. Not that I've been losing anything lately!

You will have to look what you can learn from your pattern of losing and gaining - what do you do in the weeks when you gain back the pound, vs the weeks when you lose a pound, and how can you improve on the "gaining weeks"?