Motivational Tool to help you make your commitment to lose weight.
Ganman55 posted:
I've lost over 40 lbs during the last year and recently I came across what I think is a great motivational tool for those wanting to start and commit to a diet.

I was doing my very simple and beginner level weight training regime with a pair of new 20lb dumbells that I recently purchased. When I first picked them up I said "geez these are heavy" and that's when I realized that is the weight that I had lost. I walked around with them, one in each hand, for about 2 minutes and then I realized "Wow this is the weight of the fat that I had been lugging around on my body!

My tip is this! Buy or borrow 2 10lb or 2 20lb dumbells (depending on how much weight you want to lose ) and carry them around for 2 minutes to get an appreciation of the strain your body is under, due to excessive weight, when you are overweight. The experience is eye opening and hopefully commitment making!

Do it! Lose it

Good luck!
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wannagetfitinahurry responded:
Thanks for the advice.. I think I am going to try this
beckikay responded:
I think this is a great idea! In fact, I just bought some weights for my workouts, but since I haven't lost 10 lbs yet, I can carry those until that semi-goal comes along! Thanks!
flowerfarmer responded:
What a great idea. I'm a chicken farmer and need to carry several 50lb bags of feed each month. I want to loose 60lbs! It's always a reminder to me how much damage I'm doing to my body. Thanks for the reminder!