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    A Struggling College Student
    An_201718 posted:
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm currently in college and I have been struggling with my weight since childhood. I noticed not a lot of articles specifically target the struggles of living on a campus and staying healthy so that's why I'm posting this discussion. In the past year I have lost 35 pounds and I'm proud of it, though it came with a lot of struggles and tears. I now have 55 pounds more to lose. The stress of school which makes me work out less and and the cafeteria not providing calorie counts on the food they serve has really set me back. There is no kitchen in my dorm to cook in either. Because of these set backs, I've allowed myself to wonder back to a lot of sugar and carbs which does make me feel depressed, let alone the lack of support I get from my already skinny friends. What can I do to over come this? I don't have the money for a nutritionist or a therapist for the stress. Any "at home" ways to boost my weight loss again and feel happier and healthier?

    blondie454u responded:
    Since you can't cook on campus I don't know what to tell you. Do they have healthier choices you can choose from? The only thing I can tell you to do is maybe to just eat half of what they give you. I honestly don't know what to tell you. Maybe someone else can give some advice on the board. Congrats on the loss so far. Welcome aboard.
    Amber CW 139 maintaining, SW 250. Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of a mental illness.
    gporter54 responded:
    I'm also in college, and I know how hard it can be to eat healthy and deal with the stresses it brings about. My school has a sandwhich line that has whole wheat breads and sandwhich thins and veggies, much like a subway. If we didn't have it, I'm not sure what I'd do, since the "main" meals always consist of something fried served with loads and loads of non-nutritive carbs or rice and bread and potatoes. I load up on the free fruit and salad lines as well. I'll take the fruit back to the room for smoothies and snack attacks. And I know the problems that can come from friends. I was the big guy of the group, and I was the one that would dominate the pizza and wings when we hang out. Now, they just chow down in front of me, or bring over taco bell late at night. I know how hard it is not to give in. I just throw in a stick of minty gum and try my hardest not to take thier food and throw it out the window, lol. But all i can say is keep striving, remember that it's not a short term goal but a lifestyle change, and that occasional cheats are ok to keep your sanity.
    jean4u responded:
    Do you have a mini fridge and /or microwave in your room?

    What about the students who are diabetic? How do they get healthy foods?

    Do your skinny friends live on campus? How are they staying skinny?

    Most colleges have alot of work out opportunites, like tracks, swimming pool, even exercise classes. Get into one of these. You will meet new people and it will be good for your mind.

    Let go of excess sugar and carbs....NOW!!!!


    P.S Look up your own calorie counts on the cafeteria foods. I'm pretty sure they offer some type of salad, fruit and yogurt. Also, put the sandwich meat and cheese on some lettuce and veggies instead of inside some bread.
    jean4u replied to jean4u's response:
    Oh, I just thought, do you have a blender and ice available. You could get whey protein powder (lots of flavors) and make filling smoothies.

    I know you came here for advice and help. What I know about weight loss is that it is harder for some of us to get a handle on this and some bodies are harder to lose the weight. BUT you must make changes to get results.

    I think if you LOL, give it the old "college try" you will have well worth success.

    Good luck!!!

    Let us know what you do.

    vivalahealth responded:
    Hey Melanie,

    You are doing great so far! You have accomplished so much. You much be so proud of yourself. I am a college student too so I completely understand your struggles. I share them ALL too. I found the most authentic support on here. Even though, I just began my journey, you story has encouraged me. I do get the sugar blues from time to time. I am not the kind of person who can eat a serving size of sweets. So needless to say, I get kind of sick and depressed too after a sugar binge. But the good news is, you don't have to cope that way. For me, I like to play my favorite songs on you tube and have a dance party all by myself. It is fun and relives stress. Keep up the good work! Just take it day by day and soon you will amaze yourself by the strenght you have developed!
    mje061091 replied to jean4u's response:
    The students who are diabetic kind of fend for themselves. I've contacted the food services about sugar free options but they haven't replied.
    I love to swim but the pool has been broken for 2 weeks now and after two a days over the summer of cardio machines it is hard to want to face it again but I will have to give it a try.

    Do you have advice on how to overcome sugar and carb cravings? That's what I find myself feeling and it is so hard to say no to
    justmejust replied to mje061091's response:
    Focus on these tips to deal with cravings:
    Try taking a short walk outdoors, moving takes cravings away
    Eat lean protein or dairy, keeps you full longer
    chew on a stick of mint gum, spearmint stops cravings
    have a cup of tea, it relaxes you
    have fresh fruit and fresh vegetable, very healthy
    have oatmeal and whole grains, the fiber is filling
    Laura GW 145 / CW 215 / SW 225 Getting healthy is about progress, not perfection. Baby steps to to healthy lifestyle change. Remember the Gold is not in the prize it's in the Journey (Judy)
    jean4u replied to mje061091's response:
    I think eating less of the sugar and carbs you start to crave less.

    Get an air popcorn maker. Get one that doesn't use oil. You can put cinnamon and Splenda on 4 cups of popcorn and with Crystal Light 22oz or or more, I'd say you' be full.

    A lowfat container of yogurt and fruit and 1/3cup high fiber cereal is very filling.

    Also get some of those fiber bars (I lke the chocolate) and have this with 22 oz of Crystal Light.

    The trick is to fill your tummy with low-cal and low fat foods.

    Good luck!

    P.S. Shop at $$$$ stores, too, for fiber bars. Peanut butter (in small amounts), wheat crackers, nuts, sugarfree drink packets.

    mje061091 replied to jean4u's response:
    Thank you everyone!!! These are all great ideas!!! Finals are coming soon so I hope all of this will help me make it through and keep going. Can't wait to apply everything I'm learning
    jean4u replied to mje061091's response:
    Good luck with finals!

    Make sure you have lots of low-cal. snacks and sugar-free drinks, too.

    Also, get some planned exercise in, it will help relieve the stress of finals.

    Happy Monday!


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