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Today is the day I start logging.
apierich posted:
So, I haven't been loging before but one week every 3 or 4 months but I think I am going to start regularly logging what I eat. I am not setting it in stone because in the past it has lead me to some very unhealthy habits, like over limiting intake and just stopping eating for the day if I reach my limit no matter when I meet it (which can be breakfast if I am eating my mother's good old southern breakfasts without restraining myself) but I am going to try it out, one week at a time. I want to lose the rest of this weight and be overall healthy. I know I need to watch not only calories but sodium (which I never really have a problem with going over recommendations because I don't add salt to much) and protien (I likes my meats) and apparently saturated fats (I don't normally think about it because overall fat in what I eat is normally really low, but the ratio apparently is not.) Today I went way over on the sugar and saturated fat. This was partly because my niece was spending the night so we had a big breakfast then cinnimon rolls as a snack. Those messed me up from the start then the chicken fajitas we had for dinner were not lacking in dairy which put me over for saturated fats. Don't worry, the kids had lots of fruits and veggies throughout the day.

I am trying to approach the logging differently this time though. In the past I have looked at it as a running total for what I have eaten and what I have left. That is where I think I have gone wrong. This time I am going to look at it more like I have the rest of the getting healthy journey, as a learning tool. With it I can track my patterns and figure out why I am eating what I am rather than using it as a restriction tool that keeps me obsessing. Focus is good, obsession is bad, at least for me. Logging is for focusing on the why not obsessing about the outcome.

How does anyone else look at their logging?
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jis4judy responded:
Hi I logg my foods to create balance in my choices
cover nutrition holes things like that ,, and check fats carbs and protiens I like to have 25% fats 50% carbs 25% protein aprox not written in stone just in that area
I like to have less than 8% saturated fats the most in monounsatureated fats
Hugs Judy:)
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rthibado responded:
In the past counting calories has made me overly obsessive about what I could eat. This time (since January) I've been logging faithfully and it has helped me a lot. I log everything - even if I go over the calorie limit for the day. I am pretty good at lying to myself about how much I've eaten and logging has helped me realize portion size, etc. I've tried lots of different sites but I really like the WebMD Food and Fitness Planner. Good luck!
norma_j replied to rthibado's response:
RT .. I totally agree. I found the food and fitness planner in January also and have recorded every morsel that goes in my mouth on it. It has drastically helped me come to reality with how much I was really eating and that it was not very good for me either. I was doing some serious lying to myself. I kept telling myself and everyone else .. I don't know why I can't lose weight .. I don't eat anything. Bet we have all said that at least once in our lives. Now I get to eat alot but it's the good stuff and I have dropped 22 lbs.

Apierich .. I use mine as a tracker to keep myself in line with what I am eating and to learn from it .. I check all of my levels for the day in the charts & trackers section to make sure I try and keep everything at or below the required intake. I try not to obsess if I go over, I just make it a habit to look at how the levels went for the week. If one particular day is good on levels I will go to that day and look at what I had for food so that I can learn from my trials and tribulations. I sit in front of the computer in the morning while having my coffee and log in what I will be having for supper, since there are 4 of us living in the house I can't make them eat what I want so (although I have started mixing whole grain and white pastas together) I balance the rest of my day off what is left after supper is in. We always make a menu for the week on Friday's so everyone in the house knows what we are eating on any given night. My husband is very concious of what I should and shouldn't be eating and tries to keep that in mind when we plan the meals. This works for me .. you need to figure out what works for you. You could also print out your log and talk to your doctor or a nutritionist about how to fix what you think might be broken.

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apierich replied to norma_j's response:
Thanks guys. Also, I am using the WebMD logger, although I did like the MyPyramid logger that use to be on the USDA site, but I haven't been able to find anything like it since they changed it to MyPlate.

Norma, that is what I am planning on my journal being, more of a tool to figure out where I need to do to get into better eating habits. Luckily, my kids are still young enough that I can pretty easily enforce the rule that they eat what I put in front of them or they don't eat at that meal. Works well enough. We just don't have the money for it to be any other way and I'm not going to load my house with unhealthy things just because they are something my kids will eat. I've also cracked the whip on my husband not liking what I make and just getting himself something else for dinner because it gets in the kids mind that they can do the same. I even make him let the kids see him take at least one bite of veggies he doesn't like (and he doesn't like most) before I let him scrape the rest on my plate while they are not looking.

I stalled there for a while on weight, changed the way I eat at lunch, but now I'm ready for something more. I'm still not into restricting what foods I can eat because that just sets up in my mind to gorge on them when I slip up. I will still take it one week at a time and if I see that by the end of the week I am restricting too many calories then I think I will just log one week a month to check in on my routine.
apierich- SW 249 GW 145 CW 198.5
abnersmom replied to apierich's response:
Apierich, I too log my foods. I think it is a great help. Now that I'm having to watch my cholesterol, it has been especially helpful. Good luck on your new plan.
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blondie454u replied to apierich's response:
You've gotten some great advice on this and I know my 2 cents doesn't count since I don't log anymore but when I did I had notebook I carried around and I would write down how many ounces of foods I ate. I always premeasured foods and packed them with me. Then I used to figure out how many per ounce an item had and total the calories. If the item had 2 or more other items in it then I would weigh each has they needed to be added for whatever I was making and add them together and divide by the total ounce so I would get how many calories per ounce my item was when it was all mixed together. I did it this way because I didn't always have access to a computer to log it and I was afraid of forgetting and now I just don't have the time and I work on computers all day and I don't really want to be around them when I get home. I am just on here for this board so I can support myself and others because this is as important to me as eating!
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mefirstforever replied to blondie454u's response:
Hi Amber,
You mite think that it doesn't count but everyone that log no matter how many times or little times is important. It keep us focused on the goal and we feel less alone in our quest.
Thank for everything.
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blondie454u replied to mefirstforever's response:
This is true. I also still weigh and measure most of my food just don't log it but I have a good idea what I've eaten for the day.
Amber CW 135 maintaining, SW 250. Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of a mental illness.

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