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Looking for support
sshortlidge626 posted:
Hello everyone! I'm new to this discussion board thing but I'm desperate for support so I figured I would try this out. I'm 22 and over 300 lbs. I'm getting married sometime next year and I want to feel beautiful on my wedding day. I have the worst problem sticking to a diet and exercise is not my friend. Looking for any ideas, help, and support. Thanks!
rthibado responded:
Welcome! You are already beautiful - you just need to be healthy! Figuring out what makes us make bad choices is hard but necessary - it rarely is about food. Try making small changes - taking on everything at once can be so discouraging. The first thing I did was clean out my cupboards, frig and freezer so that nothing unhealthy was available. Fresh fruit, veggies, whole grain and lean protein. Nothing out of boxes! And you don't have to start working out 3 hours a day. Start small - 20 minutes of walking, then 30, then 45. Just walking will help you feel better, you don't have to join a gym or get crazy with a bunch of equipment. Good luck and keep posting!
jis4judy responded:
Hi Kiddo the post by rthibado was righ on you are allready beautiful just getting healthy would make you feel so much better getting rid of all the trigger foods does help a lot ..
welcoem aboard Hugs Judy:)
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mefirstforever responded:
Hello and welcome,
This is the first day, go for it. Look at you, you are are so beautiful. Know it time to make a plan.
Kim has given you the great ideas to start with. All I could add, is to reduce to the minimum all white foods.
No Sugar, No white flour, no white bread no white rice and no white pasta.All should be replace by good whole wheat bread, brown rice and whole wheat pasta.

You have a great price to look forward, but the best reward will be to live an healthy and active live.
Keep on posting
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Every day is a gift do your best, be kind including to yourself and smile.
abnersmom responded:
Welcome short! Everyone else has given you the best advice. Eat only healthy food in moderation and move some. Make small changes - don't try to change everything at once and take it day to day. Love the puppy in your profile pic.

Congrats on the upcoming wedding, too.
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norma_j responded:
Welcome.. You have found the best group of people you could ask for. These folks have done so much for me helping me turn my life around and getting me on the path that I need to follow. Everyone that has posted so far is right .. you are already beautiful, the healthy part will be a little tougher, take baby steps. I started out with the WebMD Food and Fitness Planner. I realized how much I started losing once I started being honest about how much I was actually eating. It's not what I was eating it was how much I was eating of it.

You have a very cute puppy, start taking it for short walks, soon you will realize those walks are getting longer and you are getting stronger. It's good for you and for the puppy.

You took the first step by coming here. Now it's up to you, make up your mind if your ready for the challange and then let's get busy being healthy.

I got my 30 year old daughter on to this plan and she has lost 15 pounds in a month. She started eating right and got outside and did some yardwork herself instead of expecting her husband to do it. Every little bit helps.

Hope to see more of you here! Good Luck with your Journey!

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rohvannyn replied to mefirstforever's response:
Completely agreed with the others. You have an absolutely lovely face, and you will definitely find supportive people here to help you. I'm underscoring the importance of getting rid of processed foods, even if it's just for a while. It's not about deprivation either, because you WILL feel better just by making that change. Even if you choose to include whole grains, just eating food that is "clean" will get you started. Other than that, if you can get moving, and stay moving, and have fun doing it, you will see results.

Best of luck! Keep coming back!
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totallywiggedout responded:
LOL, you are young, and I just found these last night from reading a different article. If you are even just a little coordinated, which I'm not, these would be perfect exercises to get you on your way. They are called Tabata I've not tried them yet but I'm going to try to, I'll have to adjust them though since I have arthritic hip.
Just google search "Tabata on Utube" , the ones I'm talking about say in big bold Green and pink (i think) Tabata 4 min exercises, same girl , skinny with dark hair and a pony tail. The thing is they are 2 cycles of 4 diff exercises that u do in 20 sec bursts, with a 10 sec cooldown/get into next position time. These puppies are supposed to up your metabolism so much that you burn as you do them and keep burning all day.
I don't know about this, I'm just explaining what I read. And they are downloadable, so you dont have to keep searching back to utube. Like I have my downloaded vids on realplayer right on my homepage.
Now for the food. When you shop, do it almost entirely from the outside edges of the grocery section. Don't do the middle aisles unless its for tea/coffee, canned no sodium veggies, frozen veggies, no sodium spices (like Mrs Dash) , water and some sweetener like Stevia (cause its natural). If you have to have a cereal, use cereals with the fewest ingredients, whole oat (not quick cooking) oatmeal or grits. Condiments with low fat, or no fat and lower sodium.
If you shop from the outer edge like this, you get fruits and veggies, meats(try to stay away from over processed meats like hotdogs), cheeses, hummus (in deli dept cases usually), milk/almond milk/soy milk, eggs, yogurts
Being thin will not make me beautiful. Beauty comes from within. I know that I am beautiful, no matter my size.
blondie454u responded:
You've gotten some great advice so welcome!
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