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So, today I bought a Buzz Lightyear baby bowl....
totallywiggedout posted:
Rewind: setting, breakfast table, Two bowls of cereal on table. One (the boyfriend's) filled to the brim with coco puffs. The other (mine) had a massive goldmine of exactly, yes I counted them, 25 brown sugar mini wheats. Way down DEEP in this massive breakfast bowl. His looked appealing because it was full. My mind screamed, "WHERE'S MINE??!" Calmly , I poured my 1 cup of almond milk on my cereal and ate my breakfast. While he was still plowing through his, I said, "I'm going to find a single serving breakfast bowl, if it kills me trying."
Looked at the antiquest stores, for those smaller dainty bowls from the 1950's , way too high priced. No such animal at the bargain stores either, just plastic bowls of same sizes I already own..... hmmmm. Today, it dawned on me. Baby bowls! I bought the cheapest, nice one they had, it was clearanced out.
So what if I have to look at Woody and Buzz Lightyear when I reach the bottom. At least it will have been filled almost to the top!
Remember, whatever it takes to get through the day, do it. If the option you need to take gets you closer to the goal without making you feel you are depriving yourself, it's a better option.
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apierich responded:
It totally works. I have used my kids bowls and plates just to trick my eyes into thinking I have more than I do. Another trick is to get those small ziploc bags, the ones that are smaller than sandwich size, and use them for snacks or to pack the componenets of your lunch. They are so full with sometimes half a serving I find myself not even eating everything in them.
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mefirstforever replied to apierich's response:
Apierich, Your are so funny I loved that movies.To infinity, and beyond!
But seriously, I also eat in small bread plate and salad bowl only otherwise I over eat. I will take a regular plate if I can fill out tree quarter in vegetables.
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blondie454u responded:
That's a great idea. I am gonna do the same because I have 12in plates and they look so empty. I don't fill it up or anything but sometimes I will use the saucer plates. I guess it's time for new plates.
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rohvannyn replied to blondie454u's response:
Great idea! You can also find small bowls at Asian food stores. I like those especially. The dollar store sometimes has them too. I have a fairly large bowl and I keep intending to downsize but I fill it up mostly with vegetables when we have stir fry.
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Zevah responded:
You are right.\!
Whatever it takes to keep on track and make work!
We are visual beings and sometimes we need to "trick" our brain and that's fine, (by the way, I love your cereal).
Enjoy your breakfast and have a great week
totallywiggedout responded:
I had been looking for small glassware too. Baby sized are ok, right size but have that "sippy cup" edge, and I'm a dribbler(drooler?) with edges like that, so I kept looking. If you have a Hobby Lobby near you I found a set of 4 summer plastics that hold exactly 1 cup each. They cost a buck 99 and they were a blessing.
Kim SW 243 CW 213.8 GW 135 The last time I voluntarily did aerobics, I was wearing bunny slippers near my neighbor's hunting dog.....

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