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hopeilose posted:
DID good yesterday....cals around 1100, and todays dfg...

packet of instant oatmeal

2 slices of wheat toast
1 tbsp of spin blend
1 sliced up tomato
2 homemade dill pickle slices

three slices of homemade pizza,
which was 9 black olives, 1/2 cup sliced mushrooms, 1/2 cut up green pepper, 4 oz of mozz cheese, and of course the bread and sauce

Havent had it yet , but in my budget
1 cup of butterscotch sugar free pudding
which is made with one cup of 1% milk

calories for the day..

weight this morning was 211.2
totallywiggedout responded:
Hi , Hi
Let's see.
Breakfast for me was
1 sl whole wheat french toast
The rest of the egg from toast was then whipped with a splash of skim to make sm amount of scrambled eggs
1 sm patty turkey breakfast sausage
1.5 Tblsp sugar free pancake syrup
coffee w/ stevia

1/2 heart healthy pita pocket stuffed with
handfull baby spinach
1/4 apple sliced
3 pcs shaved roast turkey , deli meat
3/4 c Almond Silk

4 saltines thinly coated with creamy peanut butter

Campbells tomato soup, made with water
1/2 heart healthy pita stuffed with 1/2 can water packed tuna mixed with 2 Tblsp fat free cheddar cheese then grilled with PAM butter flavor spray

Weight this am still hovering at 186
Kim SW 243 CW 186 GW 135

If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution.---author anonymous

jean4u responded:

You are doing so good about keeping track of your food. Good!!!

Are you keeping track of water intake? That is one that I had to do and still gets bad if I don't watch it.

Keep coming here for support.

hopeilose replied to jean4u's response:
Hello Jean
No not keeping track of water intake...I hate to admit it but not much of a water drinker...probably drink about 32 oz a day of water, sometimes a bit more....

Drinks today so far:
cup of black coffee
glass of water
glass of sun tea
12 oz can diet soda

totallywiggedout replied to hopeilose's response:
Hi Nancy. I HATED water. Absolutely hated it. Then when I got on this journey of mine, I started out carrying those reg. 16 oz bottles everywhere. It got so I was drinking about a case of those every 4 days and it got mucho expensive, so I bought 4 reg gallons of water, and now just refill those at the local water supplier.
The true turning point was when I purchased a 32 oz water bottle from Big Lots. It cost just 2 bucks and I put that in my purse and carry it EVERYWHERE.
For my am walks of a mile or a bit more, I drink 16 oz before I take off, then I get back to the car and while driving home, I drink the other 16 oz to empty it. I get home, refill and sit and blog for a bit, I drink water with my lunch, and dinner and I now find that even standing in line at walmart I'll sip at it. It's even less habit , its mindless. I just DO it.
Try finding a big cheapy water bottle and try it my way, it really does work. The only places I can't take it in is the movies and the library. But everywhere else I go, IT goes.
Kim SW 243 CW 186 GW 135

If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution.---author anonymous

jean4u replied to hopeilose's response:

It took me about 6 mos to get into the OK, I will try to get 64 oz of water in. I bought 2-32 oz. containers and mix Crystal Light. I add ice and this is my go-to drink. I pack it for car drives and in the house. I drink 2 big mugs of tea in the AM with Splenda and ff milk.

The increase in water makes you feel full. Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger and we get out of control with food. Water will also flush your body of sodium.

So, just lots of good benefits.

BTW, I saw you track your food on another blog, good girl!

hopeilose replied to jean4u's response:
Thanks for the water tips Kim and barb..been better about the water thing...Hubby got me a liter bottle of water, and been refilling it since then, and I freeze good nice cold ice water..Thinking I like it real cold

I do drink suntea a lot...never really thought about counting it as water...

thanks for the tips girls...nancy

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