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Miso soup
Tomato05 posted:
Judy - you wondered about miso soup. It is not Chinese, but Japanese, and is consumed by most traditional Japanese daily (often with most meals). It is known for its health benefits (like disease fighting and anti-aging) - it is made from fermented soy beans and the fermentation is part of why it is so healthy (ensures beneficial bacteria/microflora).

It is very rich in vit K, also a good source of protein, amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, healthy fatty acids, etc.

Ingredients often added are seaweed, tofu, spring onions, shiitake (or other) mushrooms, ginger, garlic, cilantro, radishes, etc.

Some believe the high consumption of miso is responsible for the low incidence of breast cancer in Japanese women.

It is high in sodium though, especially the dried soup powder packets, but one can also buy miso paste and make your own (adding hot water and some of the ingredients above) - then you can make it less salty (using less paste). One can even use the miso paste instead of salt in recipes, casseroles, meat and veg dishes, etc.

I find it quite addictive! I just love the flavour.
rohvannyn responded:
I like me some miso too. I make it from paste or from the packets, either way. tofu cubes are a nice addition as well.
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jis4judy responded:
thanks for the explaination it sounds so good I may try it sometime
Hugs Judy:)
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mefirstforever responded:
Here is my 2 cents,

I love tofu !!!

Oriental soup

1 container of low sodium chicken broth
Bring to a boil
Lean pork tender long cut in small slivers cooked in broth. 5 onces. OR shrimps OR frozen Wong tongs.
Add minced garlic clove and dried mini shrimps let boil until pork is cooked 10 to 15 min.
Add tofu 3 pieces diced boil 2 minutes

Add Bok shoy or Chinese cabbage cut in slivers as much as you want.
Bring to a boil again but make sure the green stays green and add 3 slices of dried algae torn in small pieces; the type for sushi.

1 tbsp of soya sauce.

Season to taste.
Serve with boiled rice.

I love to make this soup because by the time the rice is cooked your soup is ready.
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Tomato05 replied to mefirstforever's response:
Wow, Helene, that sounds like just the type of dish I will love. I'll keep it and make it soon; thanks for that. It's so easy and quick too.

I will add ginger and spring onions too, as they go so well in broths.
abnersmom replied to mefirstforever's response:
Yum Helene. I'm definitely going to try this. I love using Bok choy. Thanks for sharing.
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Fynness responded:
Hi Tomato,

I've enjoyed Miso soup for years! Leeks, mushrooms and seaweed is all I need. Yes, the sodium can be high I just adjust the amount of paste I use.

I'd like to add a recipe for snacks I enjoy, my Korean friend taught me how to make Kim bob. I've altered the ingredients for a healthier version

2 Seaweed wraps
1/2 cup cooked Quinoa
1/2 cup cooked spinach (fresh preferably but frozen chopped is fine)
1/2 cup (cooked) shrimp, crab meat, imitation crab, chicken or tofu chopped
korean radish thinly sliced in strips the length of the wrap
carrot thinly sliced in strips the length of the wrap

Place the quinoa on one edge of the seaweed wrap the entire length of the edge. It should be a little sticky from the seaweed wrap, add ingredients on top of the quinoa in layers and spread along the length. Roll it all up like a jellyroll. Wet your fingers and seal the end of the seaweed wrap along the edge. Place on the sealed edge side and slice into 1" rounds.

This can be served warm from the meat being cooked or cold from the frig. either way I love it!! Personally, I like dipping mine in Sriracha chili sauce to make it spicy tasting.

Hope you like it too
Lorrie SW 290 CW 290 GW 185
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rohvannyn replied to Fynness's response:
Also, if you really like miso soup, don't bother with the kind in packets unless you want some on the go soup for lunches and whatnot. It's way too expensive. Better to get a jar or tub of miso paste from an asian supermarket. The jars are sold on the shelves, the tubs in the refrigerated section. Black miso is a little nicer than red miso in my opinion, white miso or anything hawaiian is too sweet.

There's a trick to mixing the paste, in my opinion. I like to mix a scoop of it with a little hot water so it blends better with the rest of the soup, and I make it by the bowl. This is my basic procedure for what I like but there are endless variations.

I mix up a scoop (about a tablespoon) of miso paste with a little hot water, and put it in a bowl with more hot water, maybe two cups. I put it in the microwave on high till it is near boiling. I take it out and add dried seaweed, dried bonito flaxes (both available in japanese stores) and dried or fresh mushrooms. If dried mushrooms, I cut them up small. Sometimes I add some nutritional yeast for a little extra oomph, or vegetables such as green onions, or cubed seaweed, or a can of tuna, or cubed tofu. I personally add soy sauce (organic, gluten free for me) but that's also entirely up to you.

Just a tip, I stir the miso up really good before adding anything. Then the heat of the water reconstitutes anything dried. Dried seaweed doesn't have to be that high in sodium, it depends on how it's prepared. A lot depends on the ingredients you choose.
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Tomato05 replied to rohvannyn's response:
Hmm, Fynness and Roh - your recipes sound good. I think your way of making miso soup is the perfect way, Roh, and the additions are spot-on. It makes my mouth water.

I have to get those bonito flakes (dried fish for those who are not familiar with them), as they make a huge difference to the taste.

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