Knee Replacement
Pegasina posted:
I too have just had one knee replaced in June. I am back to the gym 3-4 times a week and riding my bicycle 1-2 times per week. Still, even with that, WebMD says I need additional fitness activities of about 2500 + calories to burn! After my surgery I had issues with IBD and have not attempted to eat anything with any significant fiber or anything that is not cooked. That really is a challenge since I was eating many fresh fruits and vegetables including 30 g of fiber per day. I need to loose weight and with all these issues find it hard to come up with a plan. Any suggestions?
Fynness responded:
Hi and welcome to this board

I had both my knees replaced last year. One of the members here gave me this link for exercises:
I do them and they help me A LOT. I have back issues so these are excellent for me. The youtube site has many different videos for all forms of exercises.

Good luck and you are sure to find a lot of answers from the ladies here

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