Okay, heading outside before I lose all daylight
tnmist posted:
Actually, this is just testing my new pic, ha. Hope it loaded correctly, but I am going to throw on some shoes and take my dog out. He won't know what to think!

tnmist responded:
Hmm, I don't get it. The new picture is in my profile, why not here, too? Ohwell...Still gotta head outside now.
kalimiller replied to tnmist's response:
Sometimes it takes a bit for WebMD to get everything on the same page. It'll fix itself....sometime...lol

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tnmist replied to kalimiller's response:
I see. Will try to be patient.

Lasted a whole 15 mins. Ugh. Well, I discovered something to take my mind off of my knee pain - back pain when I walk. Lovely. I noticed I can't last as long in stores, but I didn't realize the extent. I think my back pain will also subside as I take off some pounds. This is new, but I'm also at my all-time high for weight, so I'm sure that's the culprit. It looks like I will have to break up any exercise I do into smaller segments. It felt good to do something healthy for a change, gotta give it that.

jean4u responded:
Good for you to surprise your dog!

Fifteen mins. is all I could start with, too. I think breaking it into segments is a good idea.

blondie454u responded:
Good for you! Walking is great exercise!
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