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becca40 posted:
Hi my name is Becky and havr been fighting my weight for 40 years now. You name it and i have tried it. Trying to lose is hard enough and now i have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It makes exercise harder and painful. What to do
tnmist responded:
Hi, Becca. Welcome. I'm new, too, and I'm sure someone here can give you some insight. I know friends with fibromyalgia, but I'm not familiar with how they manage exercise and things. Best wishes on your journey.

abnersmom responded:
Hi Becca and welcome. I think it's wonderful that you've joined us. So many here have improved their various health issues with good nutrition and moderate exercise. i don't know much about fibromyalgia, but here are a couple of links I found for you:
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jean4u responded:
Welcome here!

Most of us here are focusing on healthier food choices so exercise is something we don't rely on to lose the weight. It's more a thing we fit in relative to our ages and body/health restrictions.

blondie454u responded:
I don't know any tips for your condition but I do know a personal trainer that has fibromyalgia. She works out religiously and has a rockin body for an older lady. I think she is in her 50's. So I know it can be done. Maybe get some tips from others that have the same condition. I am sure walking is safe.
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rohvannyn responded:
My Mom has fibromyalgia and she used to love water exercise/water aerobics. Low impact and gentle is the way to go. A set of exercise bands (the kind that come with the interchangeable handles and a door anchor) are also a nice low impact way to exercise. They are about thirty bucks for a good set on Amazon or Ebay. Don't get the kind for yoga. Walking, light weights, anything gentle. The fitness and exercise community might have more tips too. Here's a link:

Focusing on increasing the nutritional content of your food, plus gentle exercise, is a good way to go. Good luck!
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