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Calories and weigh ins
rachael2011 posted:
This is supposed to be a lifestyle change so I am kind of wondering if it is really necessary to count calories or journal what I eat. Do you still do that when you are maintaining? Yes, I am lazy. I don't mind measuring my food but the idea of looking up everything I eat and counting it is maddening. I know it works short term, but counting calories, points or whatever has never seemed to last anyway. The journaling part I wouldn't mind if it works.

Also, I read that weighing one's self daily is bad if you are a binger. Don't know if its true or not, though. I am afraid by weighing myself daily I will get obsessed with it (get on and off the scale...oh maybe the scale is broke...try the scale at work and on and on). I know I have in the past. But I do want to know if the changes I make are making a difference in ways other than just how I feel. I like the idea of having a number to measure success. Any ideas?
abnersmom responded:
Hi Rachael,
I believe that logging your food is critical to success. It is time consuming at first but once you have the foods or meals that you usually have saved, it doesn't take long at all. Some of us use the food log on WebMD and others of us use Both are free to use. I am a calorie counter, but I don't think you have to be if you watch portions and nutrition. The food log really keeps you honest about how much you are eating AND more importantly the nutrition you are getting from your choices,

About weighing daily, research shows that successful losers and maintainers weigh themselves regularly. For some it's once a week or every two weeks. I weigh myself daily. It works for me because I like to keep a close eye and understand the sodium and only God knows what else can cause weight gain overnight. Most experts, I believe, recommend weighing once a week at the same time.
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jis4judy responded:
Hi Rachael
when I started my journey I weighed myself monthly because I knew it would be a long process and the fluctuations would drive me nuts . once in a while I would peek in halfway through just to be sure I was making progress. and anyway My plan wasn't for losing weight it was a plan to increase nutrition because I had already decided weight loss was impossible for me. maintaining I do weigh in more often though like weekly.
I still use fitday because I am checking my nutrition along the way and as Debbie said the logging is easier after a while because you just check off the recent foods instead of searching . it does take some effort to get going on it .. But some of our member just do calculations in their heads and eat as healthy as they can with smaller portions. I believe Amber is one that eats very healthy and she is not a logger
and she is maintaining after removing over 100 pounds

Hugs Judy:)
SW 247 CW 149ish maintaining

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blondie454u responded:
I don't log my food but I plan and portion my food out. I still weigh things. I am very good at eye balling things. Once I figured out the right portions I was suppose to eating and got the hang of it after I lost all the weight I stopped counting. I am now maintaining. I don't have as much time as others do even if I put in the regular things I eat it still would be a hassle for me. If I'm hungry I eat. I just eat the right foods in the right amount. It took a while to get there but now it's not a problem for to keep up on what I am eating. You have to do what works for you.
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