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Good Frieday morning
jis4judy posted:
Hi All what are your plans to stay on track for this weekend ?
I will be shopping today and get some fresh vegies and fruit ready for my weekend. I did extra walking yesterday and I gained a pound I have to get my act together and find a way to get that scale moving in the downward direction..
I really did try hard this past week and I am sort of confused
but OK because maybe I am growing some muscle I did my weight lifting and walked extra did my household duties Body is being stubborn .. I will never give up
Hugs Judy:)
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rachael2011 responded:
Good morning, Judy. I am shopping in a little bit too. The weekends at the group home are a hard time w food so I am buying some fruit, oatmeal and cottage cheese to take, bc I use those foods at home for meals/ snacks when I am feeling out of control. I might buy for next week also (just 2 days worth as we are going to Ocean City, MD the latter half of next week ).

Maybe the pound is just one of those weird fluctuations too. Have a really good weekend.
Rachael...under construction.

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j9celeste responded:
Happy Friday!

I find that Friday's and Saturday's I have an easier time since I weight on Sunday mornings. If I have a loss, that keeps me motivated through Sunday. I have to beware the Sunday gain though. It's really silly but I think "I have a whole week to lose it, so I'll just eat off plan today." I sure do play mind games with myself.

That's one of the many reasons that I love this forum. "Saying it out loud" makes me really think about those weird thinking habits.

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jean4u responded:
Happy Friday to you! The only thing I need to get is celery but that can wait. I have some fresh asparagus to cook and may broil it. I made some egg white egg salad with lowfat mayo, mustard, green onion and celery. I had it with rye bread and alot of iceberg lettuce leaves. I think I will have it today just between Romaine leaves. I am getting too comfy with the rye bread and bread is my downfall (one of them).

I have alot of fruit. Cut up pineapple and cantelope and strawberries yesterday. Also have green grapes and pears,

To keep my mind and hands busy I think I will set up my sewing machine and do some altering. I have a few tops that need to be taken in under the arms (too gappy).

Glad that you had a good "work" week, just remember the NSV's of being healthier. I didn't see the #'s go down from my Nov. & Dec. gain until Feb.. I do know that it is easy to let the lbs. string together if Idon't deal with it, especially when I was seeing a 5-6 gain. I was falling back to night snacking and too large portions.

Getting yourself out to go shopping will do you good.

Hang in there, maybe the nicer weather when it comes will make all of us feel better, too. I find it hard to get motivated when I can hide my body under all the Winter clothes layers. But when the warmer weather is here we got to show some skin. LOL

jean4u replied to rachael2011's response:
Good that you are packing healthy foods for work. When I used to work midnights I would make tea in the coffee brewer and sip that all night. At 4 AM I would make popcorn and munch on that till 6 AM shift end.

When you go to Ocean City can you pack a cooler with some healthy foods. I go on alot of car trips with DH. I pack a cooler with frozen water bottles to keep food cold. I pack celery carrots and grapes and cut apples, string cheese, almonds. Just stuff to snack on and now want to go through those drive throughs. Preparation and planning really do pay off. I've done this both ways. I like those flavored packets to put in water, too.

Now you have that I-phone to take on your trip and that will help.

itsashayduh responded:
This week end i have decided to clean out my fridge and rid it of all of that useless, processed, unhealthy food. The less temptation, the better!

blondie454u responded:

Tonight hubby and I are going to dinner then to a play. I got free tickets through work for the Miracle Worker. We have been having dinner dates one night a week on most weeks. I still eat healthy as I can when I go but I don't worry about it too much because it's once a week or less.
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blondie454u replied to rachael2011's response:
Oh I am doing shopping on Saturday too. I was suppose to run a 5k but I didn't sign up in time. It was sold out so I am going to do it at a park instead. I was suppose to go with my co worker and his girlfriend. I figured since I can't go with them then I can be with them in spirit.
Amber CW 135 maintaining, SW 250. Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of a mental illness.
blondie454u replied to itsashayduh's response:
You go Sash!
Amber CW 135 maintaining, SW 250. Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of a mental illness.
jean4u replied to blondie454u's response:
Love "The Miracle Worker" Helen Keller story, what an inspiration. Have a great night.

jean4u replied to itsashayduh's response:
Go Sash! on the cleaning of the fridge!


P.S. The more we get healthy foods into our houses the better!
totallywiggedout replied to j9celeste's response:
LOL Celeste! SO many times I've done that, I'll pay myself back for that weight gain, I have a week..... OMG tomorrow I have to weigh in again!! AHHHHHHH
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rachael2011 replied to jean4u's response:
Thanks for reminding me about the healthy travel snacks, Barb. I know I would have wound up trying to figure out what to have at a convenience store/ gas station. That can be so hit or miss as to what you find.
Rachael...under construction.

SW 325 CW 311.4 Short term goal-299 Goal weight- 140
rachael2011 replied to itsashayduh's response:
Sash- That is the way to go!
Rachael...under construction.

SW 325 CW 311.4 Short term goal-299 Goal weight- 140
jean4u replied to totallywiggedout's response:
Kim & Celeste, I know some people like to take a day off or say it helps weight wise to do this. Being that I am a serial yo-yo dieter, that just doesn't work for me, not a whole day. I do allow myself an indulgence meal, but no carte blanche for a full day.


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