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Excersize Idea that are easy on joints?
asj0013301 posted:
Hey, I'll start off with a little bit about me. My name is Amber I'm 24 years old and the mother of 1 beautiful 2 year old boy. I never had much trouble with weight. In high school I was in great shape, ate all I wanted whenever I wanted and was never more than 130lbs. I was very, very happy with my body, How it looked, and how it performed. I climbed trees, played what we called ninja tag ,etc.

That all changed about 3 years ago when I met a wonderful man to start a family with.

My pregnancy was bad. So bad. I didn't have "morning sickness" I had "all day sickness"... intensely. I had to quit both of my jobs (at subway and as a waitress) because I could not stop throwing up long enough to work a four hour shift. Being new to the area I didn't really have friends or any thing to do during the day. So I slept. I played video games. I ate any thing I could keep down. I always felt awful physically and emotionally. And I gained weight. About 60 lbs.

After my son was born I breast fed and I was absolutely ravenous at all times. So I said to myself "Just wait until you're done breast feeding, then you can worry about losing the extra weight" But that time never came. When caring for a baby there's little time or energy for caring for yourself. And to do so just seemed selfish.

Now it's 2 years later and I haven't lost a lb since giving birth. At 5' 0" tall and 170lbs I am obese.

I realized that I need to some drastic changes. I started tracking everything I eat. Turns out I only consume about 1200- 1300 calories a day.

Meaning I should be losing weight right? So to turn my metabolism back up I've been trying to exercise, but failing. It's not that I'm not motivated. I'm just in a lot of pain. It seems that everything I do hurts my joints and bones. Even toe touch stretches make my knees feel like they"re breaking.

So my question is, does anyone have any Ideas or experience with workouts that are easy on the joints?
j9celeste responded:
Hello asj!

Welcome. There are quite a few of us here with knee problems so you should be able to get a lot of suggestions.

I am 48-years-old and am now 100 pounds overweight (down from 122.) The years of excess weight have caused significant arthritis in my knees which was compounded by a serious car accident two years which demolished my knees.

Physical therapy has only been able to take care of part of the pain. I have had three operations and am looking at knee replacements before I'm 50. I understand the challenges of being physical when you're in pain! Sometimes even walking is too painful.

As everybody told me, I am starting steps. I can do upper body exercised with no pain in my knees so that's how I started. Using a therapy band and hand weights, there are a log of arm, chest and core strengthening things that I can do sitting down. I can also do modified sit-ups while laying in bed since getting up off the floor is nearly impossible .

For my abdominal area, I have started doing wall push ups with a book. Just put a sturdy book between your abdomen and the wall and expand and contract your tummy to push yourself from the wall. You can also do modified push ups with your arms at the wall as well.

I would love to be able to get into the pool and exercise and hopefully soon I can. There is a class called "Rusty Hinges" at the local YMCA which is for people with arthritis so there is no impact. Also, the water aerobics can be done in deeper water so there is no impact.

Even though you're not eating very many calories, the foods that you're eating make a huge difference. Fruits, veggies, lean proteins and 64 ounces of water a day will make a big impact.

Keep up the good going to be worth it!

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mog1026 replied to j9celeste's response:
Hi! As a fellow knee sufferer I have found that a recumbent bike is a big help. And the orthopedists recommend that you use it for up to 30 minutes a day. There's no pressure on your knee joints so you can lubricate them without pain and burn some calories too.
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