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    DAY 4, C4, Tuesday, Sept 3 I'M LOVIN IT
    totallywiggedout posted:

    Today , we should all do something we enjoy. Not just do it, but really EXPERIENCE it , body, mind and soul.


    If you can, focus on your inner well being today. JUST BREATHE!


    Kim AM weight 179.0
    dark cocoa coffee x 2
    32 oz water
    AM walk with Holly

    Chai Chia Oatmeal w/ 1/2 diced peach

    4 min Tabata
    12 min Seated Core
    I may mow the backyard if it dries off a bit out there , if not, I'll do some seated zumba again

    vanilla protein shake w/ chia seeds

    PM gym workout
    1 hr recumbant
    45 min pool exercises

    PM Snack
    1 med orange

    Tuna Patties
    Fresh Veggie finger foods w/ 1 Tblsp peanut butter and 1 Tblsp ff ranch

    Have a Wonderful Day .

    Kim SW 252 CW 179 GW 135

    If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution.---author anonymous

    Stupid Is as Stupid Does---Forrest's Mom

    kalimiller responded:
    Couldn't sleep last night. Had a lean pocket - chicken and artichoke - around 11:30 and was up until 2 or 3.

    Weigh in - I think maybe 187? It looked like it dropped a little. *shrugs*

    Had a protein shake for breakfast. My meals over the next few days will be kinda weird as I am using up the last of my food before I go down to Texas.

    Starting weight: 198 Current weight: 191
    rachael2011 responded:
    Good morning, Kim and challengers!!

    Kim- It looks like you are going to have an active day
    and thanks for the morning inspiration.

    I think my new scale is screwy. It weighed me at 274.6...yesterday was 276 (I think) and Friday was 280.4. Should I go back to the old scale which weighed me in today at 276? I may have to change scales mid challenge. Ok, done obsessing about the goofy scale.

    Breakfast was:
    1C fat free plain yogurt
    3/4T honey
    1 banana
    1/2C Kashi Go Lean in a sort of parfait.

    Lunch at McDonald's w a friend will be a southwest salad w grilled chicken and their dressing.

    Haven't figured out the rest yet.

    Everybody have a super day.
    Rachael...under construction.

    SW 325 CW 281.6 Short term goal-275 Goal weight- unsure
    shelsangel responded:
    Weight 286.0
    64 oz of water was only 52 oz yesterday

    2 ww toast pat of butter
    hash brown
    2 fried eggs in pam

    tuna salad no bread

    Chicken enchiladas (2)

    Total calories 1085
    exercise weight lifting for arms 20 mins
    Richard Simmons Sweating to Oldies 30 minutes (gonna try anyways) HUGGS
    Everything happens for a reason. HUGGS
    SW 301.2 CW 286.0 GW 165 could change after I reach it :-)
    totallywiggedout replied to rachael2011's response:
    Rachael, no, don't switch scales, but DO find a REALLY level spot to put your scale. Sometimes floors have little dips an valleys, usually found in areas where we stand a lot(like right in front of a sink).... If your scale is sitting on or across one of these dips , it's bound to bend in a bit or tip toward that spot... likely to change your reading.
    Best choices for scales are on poured cement flooring, or fairly close to an unused corner on reg wood flooring. To check, if you don't have a level, move a half full glass of water around the whole area where you want to put your scale, if the water tips a bit, you've got a dip in the flooring and you should seek a more level spot.

    Kim SW 252 CW 179 GW 135

    If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution.---author anonymous

    Stupid Is as Stupid Does---Forrest's Mom

    totallywiggedout responded:
    Well, it's not even noon and already, my plans have changed.
    I did walk with Holly , BUT , one of those mysterious "things" happened and I somehow pulled my groin again.... I truly have NO IDEA what I do to do this... I may be something as stupidly simple as a small stone that rolls under my tennis shoe.... grrrrr.
    Anyway, it was S L O W going out there because of the resultant pain..... I HATE THIS!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!
    I come home to find a text from Michael. He'd called our landlord to come over to chk our AC again....
    In the meantime....
    I'm getting shooting pains down my leg, lol... and I AM laughing because otherwise , I'd cry...
    So drugs it is.

    I didn't want oatmeal, so I had a deli roast chicken, fig preserve, LC light swiss and spinach lavash rollup. Actually works out to less calories this way and I get the added plus of a leafy green. FOR BREAKFAST SCORE!!!!

    With the drugs , I'm going back to bed.
    I'll restart around 1 to go to the gym... which I WILL do, do or die, cause I sorely missed it yesterday.

    The weirdest thing that I have found though..... I am consistantly upping my time on the recumbant bike.. and after the first couple of pedals, it isn't too painful, so I have no problem with it, even if i bike an hour now....BUT almost as soon as I stop, my hip and groin start to "set up" again.... and it just gets worse the longer I don't do anything.
    I mean, it's great to get in the exercise, but I CAN'T do it nonstop just to keep the pain at bay. Criminy, I'd be biking my life away, lol

    Kim SW 252 CW 179 GW 135

    If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution.---author anonymous

    Stupid Is as Stupid Does---Forrest's Mom

    mardee responded:
    Sorry for not posting yesterday. I was on the road all day.

    Morning weight 189! Yet another pound!!!

    Breakfast was a fruit smoothie with 240 calories with 2 cups of coffee with french vanilla creamer.

    Lunch, i am not quite sure what i am going to have, but i will be sure to post as the doy goes on.

    I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!! "665
    CW 191 - SW 200 - GW 125

    Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.
    - Japanese Proverb
    mardee replied to mardee's response:
    And that "665 was supposed to be a heart, i dont know what happend
    CW 191 - SW 200 - GW 125

    Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.
    - Japanese Proverb
    jis4judy responded:
    rough morning for me today
    weight 154
    3.8 oz orange
    2.8 oz strawberries
    1/2 c bran flakes
    1/3 C Kashi heart to heart
    1/2 C ff milk
    1 black nothing added coffee

    Got the shopping done have a pain in my neck and back of shoulder not sure where it came from had the same pain Thursday and today it is back Gonna take another rest day as a matter of fact I am going to start having both shopping days as off walking day ...cut back on my exercise I think I push too hard
    Hugs Judy:)
    SW 247 CW 150ish maintaining

    Remember the Gold is not in the prize it's in the Journey
    life may not be the Party we expected but while we are here we may as well dance

    SharonNVirginia responded:
    Good Morning!

    Scale 212.4

    Bust 50
    Waist 43.5
    Hips 50.5
    Heading back into hourglass territory!

    Wrists 6.5, 7
    Biceps 15.5,16.5
    Tummy 47
    Thighs 27, 27
    calves 16.5, 16
    ankles 9, 8.5

    went in for blood test this AM

    old-fashioned rolled oats .5 c
    peaches .5 C
    cinnamon .5 t
    CW 212 SW 265 GW 130
    I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.-Philippians 4:13
    SharonNVirginia replied to totallywiggedout's response:
    Kim, hope you will concentrate on keeping your spirits up during this frustrating time. My #1 son said that this thing with my arm has depressed me more than any other health challenge I have faced, which is saying a lot. I think that we are so motivated and focused on this journey that when we are slowed down or temporarily disabled it deeply affects our mood.

    Rachel, what kind of scale did you get a round spring dial or a digital? Consumer Reports found that spring type scales are very inconsistent. Love that McD southwest salad with grilled chicken.

    Judy, I am glad you are being cautious on this. It wouldn't do to risk an injury.

    Shels, isn't it amazing how writing down what you eat changes your choices? I love reading what everyone is eating and learning from them. We have started substituting quinoa for rice. Okay, I'm not liking it yet, but I can't argue with the results.

    Kali, Stay strong when making do.
    CW 212 SW 265 GW 130
    I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.-Philippians 4:13
    parakeet210 replied to SharonNVirginia's response:
    Sorry to hear of the pain. It does def. suck to have the go forward and backward deals. I know that well for decades with my bod.

    I'm going to post here but work on the sugar count in my foods.
    I don't drink sugared drinks only poop drinks. lol. I drink tons of water and sometimes drink to much so i'll be aware.

    254.4? or 2 I can't remember

    2 pieces hi protein 5 gms. a slice, 2 grams each sugar, and I can't remember the fiber but its huge
    1 T polaner orange marmalade (I guess that's bad too from Judy's report) sugar free
    3 c. coffee with 3 tsp. coffee mate

    That's all I've had today. I'm scared cuz my hubby gets a call from his doc soon on the cat scan he had. I'm praying its not a severe report!!
    This moment is your life, choose to live it. Grab all the gusto you can!!!

    tweety 'keet'

    SW 254.2 GW 170
    mog1026 replied to parakeet210's response:
    Hellooooo! What's going on here? We're wrecks! I'm just getting moving at 1pm because I was up all night with a stomach thing! Raise your hand if you're NOT hurting somewhere!

    Weight - 206.6 ugh!

    Don't know what or if I'll eat today. Water is looking good now. Sure wish I had someone to go down to the kitchen and whip me up a little something that had no calories and bring it up on a silver tray. I've been watching PBS again

    Tweety Bird. I hope you get good news from your DH's cat scan. We're going thru something like that ourselves. Also Polaner All Fruit jam is fine to eat. They don't put any added poop in it. Hahahaha!
    Kathy SW 235.1 CW 207.6 GW 165

    Greedily she ingorg'd without restraint,
    And knew not eating Death
    Milton, Paradise Lost
    mog1026 replied to mog1026's response:
    Hit that darn submit button again. Grrrrr. I wasn't finished talking. Kali, I thought you already moved to Texas. Did you just make a quick visit to catch a passel of fish and get cuddles from your totally adorable dogs?

    Sharon, ouch ouch but what wonderful results on your weight! You have made wonderful food choices and I salute you!

    Mardee I found you, the pain free person! Yippee!

    Rachael, ahhhhhhh take the lowest weight for the day and run with it. None of these scales are worth a fiddler's dam!

    Judy, you are always the sharpest tool in the shed. xxoo

    Angel that sounds like a good plan, but have you seen Richard Simmons lately? That guy is looking worn out! He needs a vacation from worrying about Miley Cyrus! (Too much time in waiting rooms with a People magazine, sorry)

    And Fearless Leader Kim ....whoa that has a North Korean ring to it, scary. I saw that figgy jam hidden in that food diary. FIGGY JAM! You still have some left!!? Yum yum yum yum yum. I hear it is very good for pulled muscles. You take a tsp full and swallow, I mean rub it in very slowly every day until the whole jar is gone because you didn't send me any. Waaaaaah! Sniff! Sob... Sorry you are hurting

    Well I really enjoyed my chat with everyone. Aussie is probably struggling to get back from her trek to the mailbox. This way Aussie! You can do it!
    Kathy SW 235.1 CW 207.6 GW 165

    Greedily she ingorg'd without restraint,
    And knew not eating Death
    Milton, Paradise Lost
    kalimiller replied to mog1026's response:
    Haha, I can see why you thought that. My husband uploaded a bunch of older pictures and then tagged me in it. The fishing trip was from about a month ago. And the dog pictures - some here and some there. I drive down on Saturday.

    Starting weight: 198 Current weight: 191

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