Happy Thanksgiving!
abnersmom posted:
Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I won't be on probably for a couple of days, so I wanted to say that I'm grateful to you all for your support.

Much love and blessings to you all and your families.
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bigred53 responded:
Good morning all!! Ditto what Debbie said!!

I'll be back rearing to go Monday morning!!

Take care and be safe!!


shelsangel responded:
Happy Thanksgiving to all be safe in your travels. HUGGS Jean
Everything happens for a reason. HUGGS, Jean
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parakeet210 replied to shelsangel's response:
Mucho thanksgiving! From ur Mexican fiesta girl
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rohvannyn responded:
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here. I'll be gone for a few days as well, enjoying a four day weekend at home. We aren't having much in the way of carbs, but we'll be enjoying our turkey!

Oh crud... just remembered I really want some cranberries so I can juice them. WIll have to get them on the way home. I love unsweetened, fresh cranberry juice!

If you are going anywhere, may your travels be safe.

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rachael2011 responded:
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here. I too am thankful for all the support I get here. Safe travels to everyone out and about!
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ausgram replied to rachael2011's response:
I'm with Rachael - I'm thankful for this support site too. I know I can come here and find Judy posting that Rainbow. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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