mefirstforever posted:
Hi Ladies,

At the beginning of the holidays. I bought a boxe of mixed tea's and had 1 or 2 a day. I don't know if this did help but I maintaing and even lost a pound. Chi, green, rasberry, .....six different teas.

I did endulge on many holiday treats and wine. But I did also try to portion them.

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jis4judy responded:
Hi Helene I drink 2 cups tea every day It could help
I usually drink green tea yesterday I had white tea it was different and tasted good I got the white tea as a gift
Hugs Judy
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rohvannyn responded:
Tea is neat! Whether herbal, or green, or black, or white, or red, it's a whole world of interesting drinks to explore. Just watch the sugar. My personal favorite: Russian black tea, which is a loose Ceylonese largeleaf. I buy it by the kilo. You save a lot of money that way.

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