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    Rainbow Challenge Friday April 18 2014
    jis4judy posted:

    Good morning

    weigh in 153.5 up 1.5 pounds

    No breakfast yet

    gotta go shopping today

    I will most likely have something easy like cold cereal and berries

    Foot hurts again so today will be a day off of intentional exercise
    Hugs Judy
    SW 247 CW 150ish maintaining

    Remember the Gold is not in the prize it's in the Journey
    life may not be the Party we expected but while we are here we may as well dance

    ausgram responded:
    Hi Judy, wow, your up early. But so am I. I didn't weigh this morning cause number 1 I been up since 3 am and am exhausted. This wedding has me all jumbled up so will get back to normal tomorrow, maybe. Ha.
    AusGram -SW - 194; CW -185; GW -150

    Don't live life comparing yourself to everyone else.
    God has created you to be you and you are free to be you.
    totallywiggedout responded:
    Jeez Judy. I sure hope you haven't got what I do. Foot pain bites the big one, for sure. Hope it gets better with rest.

    I'm not weighing in for a few days. I tend to hurt my hip too badly when I kick myself in the a-- for weight gain, lol

    It's been nothing but a party for the past few days. Gage finally came home , pretty late last night. Around 8ish. They had to wait for his jaundice tests to come back. I guess it takes 48 hours and they don't let them come home unless the results are near perfect.

    Aus, I didn't sleep well last night either. Not because of the baby though . I think it's going to rain again here. I had some hip pain and off and on night sweats.... grrrr. I hate nights like that. I'm totally wiped this morning because of it.

    Coffee for breakfast, lol. I'm really not hungry at all. I'll catch up with it after some more sleep.

    Lunch will be Subway.
    6" veggie sub , on whole grain, no cheese, w/ sweet onion sauce
    Vanilla protein shake

    gym workout, 1/2 hr on recumbant bike and 1 hour in pool

    Dinner, 2 filets of cheesy tilapia, steamed broccoli w/ lemon juice and a small sweet baked sweet potato

    PM snack Chobani yogurt w/ a handful of blueberries

    have a good one peeps!

    Reboot weight April 7, 2014... 198
    Goal 6-9 lbs per month till goal of 135 attained

    You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be. ---- Marianne Williamson
    mog1026 replied to totallywiggedout's response:
    Good morning All! Sorry about your footsie, Judy, and Kim's hip and flashes. I think they may be part of THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF AGING! Every time you youngsters on here wake up in the morning and nothing hurts, try real hard to remember that feeling!!! It'll keep you going until the senility sets in! Hahahaha!

    Weight is the same this morning. Meh. Big food weekend coming up. My daughter turns 30 today so there will be a birthday dinner tomorrow. Lucky for me, she doesn't like CAKE (is she an alien?) so it will be Carvel ice cream for the dessert. Then Sunday my daughter in law is planning to cook the Easter feast here. The girl LOVES to cook on the holidays and begs to be able to do the whole shebang. I know. You're asking me how I managed to win this lottery. Just LUCKY I guess . I swear she won my son's heart with her cooking alone. Forget that she's adorable, she's a gourmet chef. The diet may be sunk on Easter. I'm instructed to get heavy cream for the scalloped potatoes! Lol!

    The plan today is finish off the soup alive been avoiding cause I can't see it going to waste, and lets try for the chicken and artichoke for dinner again.

    Have a reflective Good Friday, everyone.
    Kathy SW 235.1 CW 211.4 GW 165

    Greedily she ingorg'd without restraint,
    And knew not eating Death
    Milton, Paradise Lost
    bigred53 replied to mog1026's response:
    Hello all. Judy and Kim I feel for both of you. Pain just plain sucks!!! Kathy are you sure she's really yor And, I would love to have somebody cook holiday dinners for me. Scalloped potatoes - yum. My grandmother always made them after Easter with some of the leftover ham. She always put onions and celery in her's too. It's been years since I've made any or even had any. Kathy my dear just remember 'a little dab'll do ya'. I'm not talking about Brilcream Make your dil take all the leftovers home too that way the fridge won't be calling you.

    Aussis, did I miss something? Whose wedding? I hope the weather cooperates and that you have a beautiful Spring day.

    The usual food so far. I'm having the chicken salad for lunch.


    jis4judy responded:

    Breakfast was
    2.8 oz orange
    3.5 oz strawberries
    1/2 C bran flakes
    1/3 C cheerios
    1 C black coffee

    4.3 oz sweet potato a tad of butter
    1.33 C broccoli
    1 small Chicken breast
    side salad with mixed greens , slice red onion 1/4 bell pepper yellow
    3 slices cuke 6 black olives 1 radish
    1 small Campari tomato
    1 T each red wine vinegar and wb robusto dressing

    shopping for my exercise today I bought some bengay to rub on my foot it is working
    I just had a snack 6 oz apple with 1.33 T natural peanut butter

    will have my nuts and yogurt and berries later so far about 900 cals

    Hugs Judy
    SW 247 CW 150ish maintaining

    Remember the Gold is not in the prize it's in the Journey
    life may not be the Party we expected but while we are here we may as well dance

    tbird88 replied to jis4judy's response:
    Good evening everyone,

    Sorry to hear about your whoas...Hopefully you will feel better soon.

    Well I had a easy breezy day. I did some research on computer on weight lose. Took in a lot of information. Then went to gym for an hour. I did the stationery bike and treadmill. Then I lift some weights.

    I had 2 eggs and 1 whole wheat toast for breakfast and peanut butter w/honey on 2 whole wheat bread for lunch. Dinner will be stir fry with turkey meat.

    I consistently read about the importance of drinking water 64 ounces a I will try harder to drink more water. Well enjoy your evening and I will chat soon.
    Tia SW 267 CW 250 GW 160
    bigred53 replied to tbird88's response:
    Tia isn't the internet wonderful. So much you can learn right at your fingertips.

    Water is VERY important! Like Kim says our bodies can't tell the difference between hunger and thirst. So, drink before you eat. Also if you're feeling tired it can be because you're dehydrated. Sounds crazy but it's true. If you get leg cramps in the middle of the night try drinking some more water. I tell people that I'm a heavy drinker.

    Okay I had the chicken salad for lunch and I got a chicken salad sandwich and a container of fruit salad for dinner. Kathy with all the chicken we eat when do you think we'll start clucking?

    I'm really thirsty today. Maybe it's because I was up every two hours last night going to the bathroom. I just demolished 40 ounces of Arizona diet blueberry green tea. I love that stuff. I've got to buy some more. I like it because to me it's not too sweet. I've been drinking water too. I'm sure I'll be up and down all night again. Oh well. ..

    See you lovelies tomorrow.

    mog1026 replied to bigred53's response:
    Food du jour

    Breakfast - clementine, 1 1/2 cups dry cereal

    Lunch - 1 1/2 cups chicken and dumpling soup, apple

    Dinner - 5 oz chicken breast, 1 cup mashed potato, 2/3 cup broccoli, 1/4 cup blueberries, 1 date rolled in coconut flakes

    Total - 1138
    Kathy SW 235.1 CW 211.4 GW 165

    Greedily she ingorg'd without restraint,
    And knew not eating Death
    Milton, Paradise Lost

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