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Starting Out
khaleesidaeny posted:
Hello Everyone
I'm new to not only this community but to the dieting game. I've never really been a skinny gal, but at 24 ( and with a third shift job) i've really decided I need to do something about my weight. A few weeks ago I started cutting my calories and getting more excercise. In the short time i've gone from 240 to 235, but i know its going to be a rough road from here. Since i tend to stick to the same items, I know its bound to get boring and will hurt my resolve to stick to my diet plan. Does anyone have any recipees they could share with me? And any food suggestions that I might try would be great. And any helpful suggestions about food or anything else would be great!

Thanks in advance
rohvannyn responded:
Welcome aboard! I'll bet everybody will have some awesome suggestions. I'll come up with a few myself when I have a few more minutes. I hope you like it here! We aren't so much about dieting as lifestyle change and we are each on our own healthy journey. Much better that way because the weight stays off!

'Your focus determines your reality.' -QGJ

'Try not. Only do.' - Y

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sluggo45692 responded:

I just started here a couple of weeks ago and have I got some great support. I put a couple of ideas with my postings. I hope they help.

I'm like you with a 3rd shift job. Portion control and kill the snacking helps start things off. Diet is a bad word, because it starts with Die. Healthy eating or healthy choices are better terms. In our society when you say diet, you automaticly think nasty foods, strange foods, repeating bland foods or rabbit food.

Eat a full meal before work (family time), set a time half way through to eat lunch, then a light meal at least an hour before going to bed.

Avoid sugary drinks, caffeine drinks with lots of sugar, and push the water. Water helps control the hunger, flushes the system, and it's healthier than any man made drink on the market.

I don't know what you have access to for food prep and storage. Fridge and microwave you can cook a full meal. Fresh fruits and veggies are a must. Mix it up. Don't bring the same meal each night. That will blow your plans because you get bored or burnt out on them.

Soup & salad, PB&J with whole wheat

Burritos with extra veggies (tomato/lettuce/beans/peppers/onions) with side of brown rice

Chef's salad with what ever kind of dressing, just reduce the amount of dressing. Taste the salad not the salad dressing. I myself like just some vinger or lemon juice.

Seafood items are good to add in to the mix. Don't go over 4-6 oz of meat. Watch the starches. pastas, white potatos, white rice, white bread. Alfredo is great tasting, but loaded with fats and starches.

On third shift make sure you keep a good routine. You need at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. A good routine will help control the hunger pains and set you on a good path. Watch the browsing. A bite or 2 here and there may seem ok, but it adds up.
This is my 2nd round of 3rd shift. I gained 40 lbs my first round (5 years) and added almost 20 after 1 year this time. I'm 50 years old and it's harder for me to loss the weight.

If your married or with a partner, they need to help. At 24, kids are a factor also. Eat dinner with them and don't get into snacking with them PLEASE, PLEASE don't feed kids soda. It's pure liquid sugar and rots their little bodies. Diet is not better (there's the that die word again) If it's good for you and them, use it.

If you use your head, your loss your weight. Set a goal and strive for it. No one is perfect, if you mess up, get back on and keep going. Don't stop trying.

Good Luck

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