Weight Loss
lesley32 posted:
Hi my name is lesley! This is my first time using WebMd. I need to loose about 50 pounds. I am a sweet junky! I love sweets! I always eat when I get emotional always at night! I need help!
jis4judy responded:
Hi Lesley
welcome to our little group You may have to curtail the sweets to make the weight removal happen .if you are a night eater then a cut off time maybe of help otherwise eating a rainbow of fruits and vegies is a good way to start.
make it a plan you can live with for life because it is so easy to revert to old eating habits and regain ..
Hugs Judy
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lesley32 replied to jis4judy's response:
Thanks Judy for the reply! I will try a cut off time and eating a rainbow of fruits and veggies and see if it works!
j9celeste replied to lesley32's response:
Welcome Lesley!

Read all the posts and you will get a lot of wonderful advice. Best of everything to you and we're all rooting for you!

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blondie454u responded:
Hello and welcome!
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