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Rainbow Monday July 14 2014
jis4judy posted:

Good morning

weight 151

3.6 oz orange
2 semisoft boiled eggs
1 slice pumpernickel bread toasted
1 C black coffee

Dinner plan is boneless skinless Chicken breast mushrooms zucchini maybe brn rice or sweet potato
the usual rainbow salad

will maybe have a plum mid morning snack

tomorrow is shopping day and my choices are limited

I hope you all are doing well
Hugs Judy
SW 247 CW 150ish maintaining

Remember the Gold is not in the prize it's in the Journey
life may not be the Party we expected but while we are here we may as well dance

parakeet210 responded:
Hello Judy!! And everyone!

Forgot to,weigh I'm guessing 249 something I can usually tell by my stomach Brkfst:'m2 piece protein toast, honey, cinnamon Cuppa

I have been up since 5:30 and still can't wake up I had also one small piece of beef jerky this morn

Michelle, just dealing with a lot of stuff and lots of pain. Having major nightmares the last few weeks. Ugh.. Etc etc etc etc etc
There can be a lot of rain forecast (when it rains it pours). When this happens be a blessing for someone else.

tweety 'keet'

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ausgram responded:
Good morning Judy and Keet -

Michelle, I ment to type your name yesterday, not Rachaels. Sorry. You were the one asking about that fruitcocktail cake.

Well, I forgot to weigh in this morning. I can't believe it. But I have a lot on my mine and had to get up at 5 so I kept waking up every hour. Ha. I guess that's what threw me. Well, I will watch it today. At least yesterday I was 183, hope its less tomorrow.

Never did have that baked potato yesterday. had corn on the cob instead and then only half a one.

Today I am making burritos. I think my grandson likes them. I hope. ha. I will put refried beans, onion, bell pepper, ground beef, cheese and tomatoes in it. Lots of lettuce on top and guacamole that I make myself on the side with a few chips. Sound good? Kinda bland but good for you.
AusGram -SW - 194; CW -185; GW -150

Don't live life comparing yourself to everyone else.
God has created you to be you and you are free to be you.
ausgram replied to parakeet210's response:
Keet, beef jerky in the morning? wow. ha ha ha ha! I think my taste buds would retaliate if I ate something that crazy so early. =O

Sorry Michelle your having so much going on in your life.
AusGram -SW - 194; CW -185; GW -150

Don't live life comparing yourself to everyone else.
God has created you to be you and you are free to be you.
mog1026 replied to ausgram's response:
Hi all, this morning was half a cinnamon bagel with a bit of butter and a cup of blueberries. I don't know what I weigh at all. I haven't weighed in two weeks or so. I'm busy eating my rainbow which is so easy to do in the summer. The sunny dry weather has been great for me to get around and have some fun, but this week is wet and stormy so this arthritis is acting up big time this morning. RATS!

Beef jerky? Yuck! Good I guess if you're lost in the wilderness for several months, or if you're a man watching sports all day on tv which is like being lost in the wilderness for months.

Your Mexican extravaganza sounds delish Aussie!
Kathy SW 235.1 CW 208.6 GW 165

Greedily she ingorg'd without restraint,
And knew not eating Death
Milton, Paradise Lost
tbird88 replied to mog1026's response:
Hi everybody,

Well the reunion was a lot of fun! I did real good with my eating choices but I did have strawberry shortcake at the banquet. I made myself workout in the gym I rode the elliptical 1 hour and I burned 500 calories! I did have some wine and vodka with cranberry juice. It was really good. So I did enjoy myself. I had veggie lasagna that was delicious too! It was good to see my fiancée family and meet so many of them. Well today I had a bowl of cereal and I worked out at the apartment's gym on the elliptical machine for 1/2 hour.
I still have my wedding to get ready for. I send back my wedding dress because I thought I could get a bigger size according to the website but it turns out they didn't have it. So I have no dress right now! I am looking , looking, looking for a dress! I'm trying not to panic. Well it is good to be back and its good to see your posts.
Tia SW 267 CW 224.5 GW 160
kalimiller responded:
Hey everyone.

I had a slice of zucchini bread that a friend gave me for breakfast. Then two slices for a mid-morning snack.

Lunch I had a chicken sandwich that I got from Costco - it was a package of frozen ones. I didn't wake up on time this morning - so I just needed something to grab and go. It was just the bread and chicken - no condiments or anything.

I didn't wake up on time because Pepper was in my bedroom last night and knocked over my glass of water on the nightstand with her tail. So my phone wouldn't turn on this morning - we're leaving it in rice to hopefully dry out some of the water. Luckily (I can't believe I'm saying this), Pepper knocked my kindle onto the floor - so that didn't get damaged. It was in a case and it was a short fall to the carpet, so it's fine. I would have been really upset if that was broken. I don't really care about my phone - but my books!! Ah!

I decided today that I need to get things in gear. I'm finally out of the 190s - and I want to stay that way. I'm doing stairs again at work. It's been a while since I've done them - just so much going on. I'm going to try to do something three times a day. I did four flights up and down this morning, four again right before lunch, and then four again maybe thirty minutes ago. I think I'll keep doing four sets at a time until I get not so out of breath and then move it up to five.

Also, I've started on refinishing some dining chairs and a dresser. The dresser we can use the sander because the surfaces are all flat, but the spindles on the chairs and the legs have to be done by hand. So I'm getting an arm workout from doing that a little everyday too.

Anyways, this post is getting kind of long, so I'll stop here.

Starting weight: 198 Current weight: 191
rohvannyn replied to kalimiller's response:
Good going Kali! I'm glad that Kindle wasn't hurt, too. I'd be heartbroken if my e-reader were broken. Gotta love those big thumpy dog tails!

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'Try not. Only do.' - Y

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