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August Roll Call
Louise_WebMD_Staff posted:
  • Name (or what you would like us to call you on the board

    * Part of the world you call home

    * How long have you been working on your program?

    * Starting/current/ending numbers, if you are comfortable with sharing those

    * Goals for this month

    * What do you look forward to this month?
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    Jis4Judy responded:
    good morning louise

    My name is Judy

    a small town southwest of Boston Ma

    I have been on my life style change since 2003

    if I count the weight I was before I started my walking to remove fat I was 275 when I started the life style change I was 247 currently as of today 153 maintaining thelats 4 years or so ..

    Goal for this month is to take that trip to see my grandkids and do my plan without logging ... we shall see

    I am looking forward to my trip to see my grandkids

    here is my before and after with the latest photo of me

    check it out

    Hugs Judy:)
    MSUdogs responded:
    Hi, Louise!

    My name is Trish. I live in Alabama. I am not familiar with this program but I want so much to lose weight. As a child and young adult, I weighed 118 and am 5'8". Never had a problem with food until after my children starting arriving. Currently, I weigh 214.
    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Welcome Trish. There is no set program...people here use a variety of ways to reach their goals. Most do so by making lifestyle changes rather than going on a specific diet.

    How many kids do you have? How old are they?
    miarocks9 responded:
    Hi, I'm Maggie- new to the board

    Orange County, CA

    Working on Weight Watchers since 4/27/09 (-29 pounds so far!) I love WW- it works because it teaches you LIFESTYLE, NOT DIET!!! It's not a temporary fix like so many other programs (are you going to be able to eat their gross pre-packaged and processed food for the rest of your life?)


    August goals: 1) 183 by Labor Day; 2) Track (record) food every day: 3) 15+ workouts (minimum 30 minutes each): 4) Concentrate on eating Filling Foods (WW): 5) De-cluttering the house!

    I look forward to creating a more orderly and peaceful environment in my home; as I shed this weight I will also shed needless possessions. Looking to increase my exercise frequency and intensity as I establish better habits. Also, reading "Excuses Begone" by Dr. Wayne Dyer-- so applicable for many areas of life!!!
    miarocks9 responded:
    Yay Judy, I checked out your photos-- you look TERRIFIC!!!

    You go Girl!! Good for you You must feel healthy and energetic, bet it was worth your hard work. Keep up the good work!

    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Welcome Maggie! Those are some good goals. Decluttering is such a good habit.
    aefthe2nd responded:
    First Roll Call... My name is Alex, I am 45 years old, male, and less than 10 years ago still had the 'I can eat anything' metabolism. I hail from South West Florida, and have just started my "drop ten years" program.

    When I am done, I will be 6' tall, and 190 lbs., and a total of 35 years old...

    My current weight is 245 lbs., my energy is gone, my V shape is gone, my cholesterol is high, I have a crease that has appeared on my right earlobe, and my self esteem is suffering as well. I do not want this to go any farther.

    My goal for this month is to actually follow a dietary routine, learn more about my metabolism, digestive system, and to monitor results to adjust my diet.

    I look forward to getting used to Black Coffee, no cream, no sugar, no sweetener.

    I have a great advantage, I am not a sugar eater. I don't like but an occasional cookie, one serving of Coffee Ice Cream, or something small. I snack on Yogurt now, just moved to fat free as well. Going for the 'health heart' stuff this Friday.
    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Welcome Alex. That metabolism catches up to you, doesn't it. I like how you have planned things out in steps. That is a smart way to go.

    Are you following a specific program to help with heart health or just a generalized lose weight, eat less fat type of program? Or have you decided?
    TerriAr responded:
    I am a newbie also! My name is Terri and I am from Central Wisconsin. I currently weigh 236. My mother passed away last year, my husband took a new job and is working out of state, my son is 23 and is in college. I lost my job due to downsizing in February. Decided to go back to school for Medical Transcription. Alot of time on the computer for classes. I have found that my weight has gone up aprox. 20 lbs since my mom passed Now it is time to get back on track!

    My goals for the month are excersise more, eat more fruits and veggies
    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Welcome Teri-meals alone + computer time can definitely put on the weight.

    How can you work more activity into your desk time and time with your husband away from home?
    aefthe2nd responded:
    Here is the plan I am trialing -

    If it works on the basics outlined in the article here, the book will be next. My snack is to be the 'Heart Healthy' yogurt with plant sterols. It is fat free, and the fruit and vegetable equivalency is amazing. 3 a day, hour or so before meals. Nothing after 8 pm.

    I will have 1/2 portion of lean meat at dinner, (grilled with peanut oil wiped on the grill blades,). A good example, 1/2 grilled chicken breast, peppers, and pineapple, 1 tablespoon of Honey BBQ Sauce... Simple and good, the pineapple making the portion seem larger.

    Adding in Situps and Pushups, Crunches, leg lifts, you know, all the stuff I laughed at ten years ago! Adding this slowly, not rushing it or setting goals, more concerned with time spent with an increase in heart rate. Will be walking when winter gets here as well, (Florida,).

    Outlook: I have 3 things going for me here.

    1. I am a Christian, so I can accept the results, and move forward. By praying for guidance, I am also reminded not to eat wrong. I think spending time with the Bible is important, and better than meditation. More importantly I have the answers to the hard questions.

    2. The Placebo Effect - My understanding of why this diet should work for me on many levels could cause a psychosomatic response, and I shed the pounds by virtue of Mind/Body connection. The naloxone result Fabrizio Benedetti of the University of Turin discovered asks the Mind/Body question in bold text with all caps!

    3. I have time... do not think a quick fix will be a long term fix. Habits is where I am changing most.

    Long winded as usual,

    dcbice99 responded:
    Hi My name is Kathy. I live in Central Florida. I just found this sight. I desperately need to lose around 50 pounds. I currently am at my highest weight ever I just weighed in at the dr.s today at 221# I am 5'8' . I have medical issues due to being heavy. I need help I don't know how to lose it. Every time I try it seems I lose a little and gain alot. My goal for this month is to lose at least 5# I pray I can at least lose 5# every month with out it coming back.

    Ironcladdaisy responded:
    Hi Louise!

    I'm new here. You can call me Daisy, if you like, since it's part of my screen name.

    My home is Wisconsin, and yes, I have a weakness for cheese

    Just starting my program this time around. I've had some health problems and I finally feel like I've got them under control enough to start focusing on diet and excercise again. Currently I weight 195, and I'd like to get down to 140.

    I'm using FitDay to keep track of everything I eat, which is huge for me, since I'm very absentminded, and if I don't pay attention I can literally eat meals twice. So I'm watching my calories and nutrients, and trying to get plenty of fiber and water.

    This month I'm looking forward to my leg healing. I injured it about 10 days ago, and just got the stitches out yesterday. Very tired of sitting around with it elevated.
    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Welcome Daisy! It sounds like you are off to a good start. Congrats on getting the stitches out. I hope you are completely mended soon.

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