Spring Fruits and Veggies
Louise_WebMD_Staff posted:
Have any spring fruits and veggies hit your area yet? Not so much here-I think the freezes over the winter hurt spring foods big time. I keep hoping I will go to the store and see some beautiful lettuces and salad stuff-but so far...ick.
dada1j responded:
I am in FL, so we have a nice selection year round from citrus to tropical fruits. This winter was harsh though so the prices have gone up. Easter afternoon we planted a row of fruit trees in the backyard. The majority of them have blossoms and young fruit, so if all goes well, we will have a small harvest in a couple of months.
Jis4Judy replied to dada1j's response:
Hi Louise I buy my produce most of it anyway at Costco they have a lot of choices and great spring mix greens
Hugs Judy:)
feduptwice replied to Jis4Judy's response:
me too I buy stuff in costco or my local Top Tomato store where everything is dirt cheap:) For expl. green beans in stop and shop here are 2.99/lb but in TT only 0.99/lb. and it goes on. Peaches 0.99/lb, watermelon already 0.79/lb. even meat, chicken breast are like 1.99/lb Pretty good,no?
pallzy replied to feduptwice's response:
I buy of lot of oranges, apples, pears. But, the store had no good pears last week. So I don't have those. Tried buying fresh mangos a week or two ago. But I didn't really care for them. They kind of had a perfumy taste to them. But, I don't know how to check for ripeness on those, so maybe that was it. I buy most of my fruit at either Sam's Club (we don't have a Costco but it's pretty much the same thing) or Wal-Mart. My DH is addicted to Wal-Mart and we buy the majority of our groceries there.
blondie454u responded:
We don't have a cotsco here either. We buy from Sam club or Walmart and they have a pretty good selection year around. We haven't had a good selection of watermelon yet but hopefully soon. I love the stuff. I could eat a whole big watermelon by myself. Last week I noticed there was a bigger selection in the produce area. I love this time of year for getting fresh produce so yummy!

irisheyes213 replied to blondie454u's response:
We had some lovely thin asparagus the other day on sale at Super Target and I found some mangos 2 for $1.00 but it was hard to find some good ones since they were on-sale because they had lots of black spots I think. I did find two good ones though. I am hunting for some good cucumbers.....