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TheeQueen posted:
Buy a full length mirror and put it where you have to see yourself everyday. See your self completely clothed, completely naked, bending over, getting dressed, and trying to get away from yourself. I have avoided seeing myself from any angle for 40-years. This allowed me to have a "mental" vision of how I thought I looked and to ignore the reality. I now have a walk-in closet with mirrored doors. I can't get away from how I look or how I look to others. It is painful but it has forced me to confront my eating addiction and how it has become the overwhelming priority in my life. I can no longer tell myself it's not that bad, because I see the results staring back at me. Get a mirror and really see yourself as you are. I guarantee it will be life-altering.
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utahlady responded:
I really like this. You're right on about the mental image, because it's a shock to look at pictures. Lately I have been imaging new clothes.
Utah Lady
jean4u replied to utahlady's response:
There is a photo of me on vacation from when I was over 30 lbs. heavier (it's on fridge). At the time I thought I looked pretty good. I went on this journey to help my knees and get control over my out of control eating.

Now I look at that photo and know I look better now and my knees are better. Having control over my eating......well priceless!

I like seeing that photo! I am no longer that person.

Good luck to all.

vivalahealth responded:

I can really relate to what you are saying in your post. Your advice is great! In the past, I distorted my thinking so that I saw my head and body and seperate pieces instead of seeing myself as whole. I tried my best to hide my body which meant avoiding the beach, parties, and the public and dressing in fall/winter clothes during the summer. Even though my habits were nothing short of strange, this behavior helped me feel secure. Now, I am beginning to see myself as whole which means feeling more at peace with myself and dressing with the season :) A read a quote somewhere and it said "See your self how the ones who love you see you." When I try doing that I feel good about myself and then I think how it the most awful thing in the world that I have weight to loose.
vivalahealth replied to vivalahealth's response:
Sorry, I made a MAJOR typo! I put "I think how it the most awful thing in the world that I have weight to loose."

I forgot the word NOT! So what I mean is I do not think that it the most awful thing in the world to loose weight.

I am definatley going to re-read my post next time!

Keep enjoying life and healthy food, everyone!
Jis4Judy replied to vivalahealth's response:
we all make those silly typos I am pretty sure the message was read the way you meant it ..
I think it is great that we can lose the weight we want gone
keep at it it is a journey that never ends
Hugs Judy:)
SW 247 CW 153ish maintaining Remember the Gold is not in the prize it's in the Journey life may not be the Party we expected but while we are here we may as well dance

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