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    Feel fuller longer
    gporter54 posted:
    I drink a protein shake in the morning to keep me full, and one immediately after every workout. You can buy it relatively cheap at Sam's Club or Wal-Mart. They help me recover from workouts, build and maintain lean muscle, and keep me full so I don't sneak snacks. The chocolate flavors also help me get my chocolate fix in. I highly recommend this!
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    Tomato05 responded:
    It's good that you've found a snack that is healthy and works for you.

    How many calories are in one of your shakes? Do you take it with milk or water?

    I used to think that eating whole protein-rich foods carbs (egg-whites or tuna and veg juice, or yogurt/nuts and fruit,etc.) after my workout is better than a drink: greater variety of nutrients, more fiber, and the psychological advantage of chewing and eating, which is more satisfying, as opposed to drinking.

    However, my workouts are now more intense (running, heavier weight-lifting, interval training), so I am considering a whey protein drink afterwards too.
    jean4u responded:
    I really agree with you on the protein shake thing.

    I started by getting the powder shakes when I was trying to pass a fitness test and was struggling. A person who was a active cyclist told me to try the protein shakes to re-build my muscles. It worked because I would drink those shakes mixed with water between meals and had the strength to give me the extra I needed to pass that necessary fitness test.

    Now, I add protein powder (vanilla) to cooked oatmeal. Then add fruit, wheat germ flax seed.

    I purchase all flavors of the whey protein powder to make smoothies. I use frozen bananas and other frozen fruit. I freeze yogurt or use ff milk. I also use ground flax seed. I use chocolate almond milk, too (I freeze some in ice cube tray). Add chocolate protein powder to the chocolate almond smoothies.

    Good post!

    That is what these boards are for to share. Keep sharing.

    jean4u replied to Tomato05's response:
    Hi TOMATO,

    I think the whey protein shakes are worth trying especially when you are doing the more intense workouts.

    I can say that they gave me the "extra" I needed to pass my fitness test.

    At the time I didn't care about the taste, I just wanted to pass that test. So I was mixing it with water. That was before I knew about almond milk.

    Now, I probably would make a shake up with the chocolate almond milk and some chocolate protein powder and take it with you so you can drink it after your workouts.

    Let us know if you try it and how it works.

    Tomato05 replied to jean4u's response:
    Thanks, Barb. I really have to watch my spiraling calories (I've gained 7lb since the beginning of the year!), so I think I'll just mix it with water for now; later, when I'm more comfortable with my weight after losing some lbs, I may mix it with skim milk.

    I'm going for a run later today (no exercise yesterday apart from wandering around in the city and doing a little light housework), and will have my protein shake afterwards. Then I'll head for the coffee shop and have a big pot of green tea to rehydrate.
    jean4u replied to Tomato05's response:

    Good for you to pay attention to that 7. It would be real easy to say "what the heck" and just stop trying.

    I really appreciate your honesty and sharing your process. That is what this board is all about.

    All I know is I can't go to far off/away from my healthy eating plan. I recently read about the term "weekender" where people give themselves permission to go off their healthy eating on weekends. Well, that is what I would do. Seriously, I could/would pack on 6 lbs.! Then, come Monday, I would have to work through the week only to try to lose that weekend gain.

    Now, that I, for the most part adhere to healthy eating and some exercise on the weekend, my weight is much much more consistent.

    This took awhile for me to put into practce. Also, too stop eating when I feel full. Now this sounds like something we all do, but it took me practice to actually STOP eating when I feel full.

    Have a great run!


    P.S. Doesn't it feel good to work on your healthy lifestyle?

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