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    Calorie shock
    midimoo posted:
    I don't know if anyone else has ever done this, but I just put my favorite meal to test and check the content in it. I was shocked that in one meal (which i usually make last two) was almost my full day of calories. I about died and realized, it's not worth it as often as I thought it was. Maybe once in a blue moon, but not as often as I used to want it. Put your favorite meal to the test and see if after you add up the calories if its worth it to you.
    -Mindi cw 238 sw 238
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    Jis4Judy responded:
    Hi Mid yes I did that with a few of my meals and had to make adjustments in serving size if possable or eliminte it from everyday food choices... I have since my over hauling made some new favorites,,
    Hugs Judy:)
    SW 247 CW 153ish maintaining Remember the Gold is not in the prize it's in the Journey life may not be the Party we expected but while we are here we may as well dance
    jean4u responded:
    Knowledge is power.

    You have to read and know serving sizes, too.

    You have to learn to look at foods in a way that is thoughtful.

    I almost never eat white carbs anymore. It's just not worth it to me and I find that I am not as hungry throughout the day.

    Good luck!


    P,S I look at the calories, carbs, fiber and protein, oh and sodium, too in foods before it gets past my teeth!
    96Millions responded:
    U cannot be more shock than I was until I found out that a soda has a tablespoon worth of sugar. I have cut my soda in-take way down and I try to drink crystal light, spirte0 but when I cannot standdo do without my addiction, I give in to the Coke.
    mommaxeli replied to 96Millions's response:
    Actually 96Millions, you will be in even more shock then...soda has 3-4 tablespoons of sugar in each 12 oz. can!!! All of those 150 calories in a can of pop is sugar. Yikes.
    Work at home Mom of four :) SW: 260 CW: 176 GW: 150
    justmejust replied to jean4u's response:
    How many carbs do you allow a day?
    Laura 145 - 202 - 225 Getting healthy is about progress, not perfection. Baby steps, to a healthy lifestyle change. When you change your thoughts you will then change your weight.
    jean4u replied to mommaxeli's response:
    RE: SUGAR content not only contains calories but can cause inflamation and inflamation causes arthritis, cancer, not to mention diabetes.

    So we are wise to keep an eye and read the sugar content in our foods.

    I just heard in the news that diabetes is having an influence in getting Alzheimer's, also.

    jean4u replied to justmejust's response:

    I don't really "count'" daily carbs as much as I try to be aware of how many carbs are in a food item. I almost never eat white carbs like white bread or pasta. I do eat white potatoes maybe twice a week.

    I don't use sugar so that is less carbs per day. I do eat fruit and alot of veggies so these are healthy carbs.

    My cravings have gone way down for these items the less I have them. I used to have a terrible white carb craving.....pasta and thick French bread. I was the bottom-less pit! Also pizza. I think I am actually getting a handle on these cravings. To answer your question, though how many carbs a day, I try to eat as low carb as possible and then when I have a slice of pizza it is OK.


    Happy Saturday!
    SmilingCats replied to jean4u's response:
    How funny, Barb! I just responded to one of your kind notes in another posts about removing white foods! I completely agree with you. It's amazing how refined, processed white food stirs hikes up our sugar cravings.

    Actually my DH was reading an article to me concerning high carb, low fiber foods. In some cases they may not register in your mind/body, actually having the effect of making you MORE hungry than prior to eating. If you're interested, I may be able to hunt it down online.
    Jis4Judy replied to SmilingCats's response:
    Yes Barb is right the white flour potatoes and white sugar are all causeing inflamation in our bodies so it is best to eliminate or greatly reduce consumption also try not to buy anything with trans fat or high frucose corn syrup real poison to our bodies
    Hugs Judy:)
    SW 247 CW 153ish maintaining

    Remember the Gold is not in the prize it's in the Journey
    life may not be the Party we expected but while we are here we may as well dance

    SmilingCats replied to Jis4Judy's response:
    You're not kidding, Judy! Many of our more common ailments are inflammatory responses due to the chemicals we ingest. It's truly amazing when we stop and truly look at the effect our foods are having on our body.

    Good for you, Mindi, for really taking an honest look at your favorite meal. That had to be very difficult, and sobering!
    Barbara - SW 251, CW 227, GW 140
    Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. - Thomas A. Edison

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