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Kourtne posted:
Hello everyone,

I just wanted to add to the stair climbing tip b/c I love doing it. I live in a flat so when the weather is really bad(like today its snowing) or I'm too lazy to go out I can just go out on my door step and get a great cardio workout!


If your a 200lb person walking up stairs for 20 mins you lose about 242 calories and 726 after an hour. Compared to normal walking at mph 3 you will only burn 76 calories in 20 mins!(remember the more you weigh the more calories you burn!)

It also becomes a full body workout. You mainly workout your glutes, thighs and calves but you still get a great ab and arm work out.

You can do this anywhere there are stairs and its cheap too!

My 30min workout: 5 mins walking up stairs and 1 min running up stairs. alternate until you reach 30 mins

Warning: Do not run down stairs you would put 7 times more impact on your body if you do.

Also, if you have bad knees this may not be a good exercise for you.

Hope this helps!
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jean4u responded:
I really like anyway to get in exercise using the things we have at hand.

I like that your blog included the benefits of stairs as a workout.

BTW, for those of us with bad knees there are chair exercises and a Pedlar (can sit in a chair and peddle).